Pouring Over The List Of Joy

Hi friends. I found myself talking out loud about joy this last week and…there’s a bit of wonder and a glimpse of God in expressing these little nothings in spoken, real words to someone else.  In the midst of my words, I found I got caught up all over again in the moments. literally lost as if all around me faded until I brought myself back to the conversation. That’s where I find myself when I share them here…pouring over my list, remembering, seeing afresh the ways that God shows up in all things and picking a few to share with you…

562. making happy spaces in nooks and corners

566. laughing at tomtom

572. buying my first pair of TOMS

582. smushing ice down while walking

591. getting teary eyed during UP

617. questions that make me ponder me

629. being a words girl that has to add words to the picture

641. mama buying me rain boots

643. seeing christmas lights on a drive

649. putting my feelings to songs

655. writing in new colors in my bible

678. walks…going on them, remembering them, looking forward to them

703. listening to others share and sharing about what makes each of our faces light up

What about you? I love hearing where you find joy…it adds to the wonder.


I write because…

I’m a learner at heart.

As I read and write…I learn about myself, about God, about others, about life.

When I write, I want to capture a moment, a feeling, a piece of truth staring me down, and share that with whoever is listening.

And just maybe, sometimes, the words might strike a cord with someone else’s heart like they did with mine. They might bring up a question, bring them back to a moment, touch them, make them feel alive, let us share life.

Because when I feel deeply, the words are part of the story and what I see.  I don’t want the moment to go unnoticed, to slip away.  So, I capture the memory in the words that portray beautiful truth.  And when this happens, how can I not share the painting?

As life truly is a work of art made up of brush strokes that move us along in the journey.  So, I splash words on paper to evoke inspiration, encouragement, freedom, and the simple every day moments.

Good writing changes me, deepens me, makes my eyes go big and sometimes makes them green with tears.  And good writing itself makes me want to write to stir up the paint to make something beautiful that expresses the abundant life in Christ.

Why do you write?

Random Question

While taking a shower this morning, I had a random thought and question.  My lovely roommate kindly picked up some shampoo and conditioner for me since I finally ran out and didn’t go into town.  I spent yesterday afternoon climbing and soaking up the sun instead of going to town, which was exactly what I needed.  Anyway, I tried out the new shampoo and condition, smells delicious by the way, and realized that the conditioner instructions said to towel dry hair, put in the conditioner, wait a minute and then wash out.  Normal except for the random part about towel drying your hair and then getting back in the shower.  Yeah…not going to happen.  But here’s the question for you.  Do you follow shampoo and conditioner instructions?  Do you wait that minute? Or do you just do whatever you want? Do you even read the instructions? Okay, that was more of a string of questions, but you get the idea.  As for me, I like to read the directions and I typically follow the instructions.  Not always to the minute, but you get the idea.

33 Things You Could Live Without Knowing

1. First thing you wash in the shower? pass.

2. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? probably not?

3. Do you plan outfits? no. i never know until right when I’m getting ready.

4. What are you craving right now? cinnamon crunch bagel with honey walnut cream cheese from panera.

5. Do you floss? yes. of course!

6. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? how many times are we going to eat cabbage…..i want food from home!

7. Are you emotional? true. “i wear my heart on my sleeve again”

8. Have you ever counted to 1,000? probably? i count to 100 and then count backwards from 100 sometimes when I’m running.

9. Do you like your hair? some days. i wish someone else would just do it and that i wouldn’t have to ever blow dry it.

10. Do you like yourself? most days. sure why not.

11. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush? why not. not alone though.

12. What are you listening to right now? nothing, unfortunately. i’m on a “I dont’ know what I want to listen to” music streak and I don’t like it!

13. Are your parents strict? nah, they were fine

14. Would you go sky diving? maybe. as long as someone went with me and totally convinced me and made me go. afterward, I’m sure I would be happy I did it…unless I got really hurt or something 🙂

15. Have you ever met a celebrity? yeah. sports players 🙂 federer was fun to see.

16. How many countries have you visited? the US, Canada, South Africa (woot! I’m living here now)

17. Have you made a prank phone call? maybe? a specific instance doesn’t come to mind, but I’ve called and hung up before they answered haha.

18. Brown or white eggs? i don’t know. i haven’t eaten eggs for a while.

19. Do you have a cell phone? yes and no. I have one that is on “hold” til I get back and then I have one I share with my roomie here.

20. Can you use chop sticks? I wish! I love Chinese food, but I haven’t mastered using chop sticks yet.

21. Are you too forgiving? sometimes, most often.

22. Ever been in love? true story.

23. Last time you cried? few days ago while listening to sad music. gotta love how music changes your mood.

24. What was the last question you asked? um probably something about Hope House planning, not sure what though.

25. Are you sarcastic? sometimes. I go back and forth on whether I should use sarcasm.

26. Do looks matter? to who?

27. Do you like your life right now? most days. Fridays make my heart happy.

28. Can you handle the truth? maybe not always right away, but give me a little bit and I’ll get to work on changing whatever or accepting the truth.

29. How often do you talk on the phone? not often here, which is kinda sad. i miss it sometimes.

30. Where was your profile picture taken at? the one on Facebook=Hope House. The other one that I sometimes use=Thrive Africa out on one of the paths. 

31. Can you hula hoop? not well.

32. Do you have a job? not really. I’m a 24/7 intern though.

33. What was the most recent thing you bought? Nando’s maybe? or maybe a white hot chocolate from the cafe.

ht: Tam

Would You Be Missed??

Seth Godin wrote a great blog asking the question whether or not companies or people would be missed.  If Target went out of business, would it be missed or would you just go to a similar store? What about Pizza Hut? With so many options and easy replacements, are there that many stores that would truly be missed for a long time?  The same goes for people in companies and jobs.  I want to be someone who will be missed, someone who made the place I was better to the extent that I’m not easily replaceable.  I want to be that specialty lightbulb rather than the regular.  What are you doing today that will make you missed?