What’s Up Wednesday

IMG_1934hearing Boaz crunch on an apple that I deemed too old for me to eat

seeing the book of Luke and my DSM book

thinking that I’m ready for spring and to be able to go outside!

doing bible reading, breaking free, and a final exam

looking forward to seeing sigur ros, going to virginia, and planning another vacay

feeling content and happy to have Boaz home

touching the wooden chairs my grandmother made

missing africa and friends

thankful for being able to sleep in, cereal, pretty wedding pictures, marriage, friends, sunlight, mountains

excited about going to the mountains again

coming up easter, spring, and ally & levi coming home!

something old the shorts i’m wearing that i love

something new a super soft liberty sweatshirt that i got for free

something blue Boaz’s chew toy


All Things Lovely

When things seem like winter or when you’re going through a season wandering in the desert, finding lovely things seems a far stretch let alone even possible.  At times, I’d rather just curl up under the covers and hide from the world.  Other seasons, though, seem to burst at the seams with all things lovely and that’s when I fight to not expect the bottom to fall out.  Being intentional about taking a moment to simply enjoy the lovely things while they’re here and to not anticipate the next season of drought becomes so necessary.  So, today, in the midst of the busy parts of life, I’m going to find three lovely things and report back tomorrow about what I found.  Maybe I’ll see the sunset or find a butterfly or make a craft or eat delicious food or take a nap or sit with someone I love or laugh until it hurts or dress up pretty or write a letter or paint something wonderful or browse pinterest….I don’t know yet, but I’m excited to see how this day goes!

What has been lovely in your day?