Standing on His Word

I went for a long prayer walk around part of the perimeter of the property today.  I really have missed prayer walking through NE Minneapolis so this was great!  Though, prayer walking through the field definitely adds a new dynamic compared to through the city.  God’s presence showed up powerfully throughout the day and I am excited to see where things are headed.  My heart and thoughts really kept focusing on standing on His Word and reiterating His promises.  At Thrive Church recently, Matt preached about some related topics and about seeing ourselves through God’s eyes as well as how God pursues us.  He ended with scripture to stand on and to hold onto in hard times.  Here are some points to ponder:

  • I’m speaking to you, but you’re just not opening your heart.  Somewhere along the way something else got in the way.
  • Why do we doubt ourselves and others see something in us that we don’t?
  • Our relationship with God is constantly moving.
  • So what if you don’t see what’s ahead of you, I do.
  • Once you start realizing who you are in God then the rest doesn’t matter
  • Isaiah 48:16–Come near me and listen. I have not spoken in secret
  • 1 Samuel 12:16–Now therefore stand still and see this great thing that the Lord will do before your eyes.

Matt also made an awesome video to go along with his message: check it out!

One, Two, Three: Pack

Unpacking. Packing. Unpacking. Packing. This has been my life for the last few days.   I feel like I have accumulated so much stuff.  Though, I have enjoyed being able to organize and reorganized everything.  I put up pictures in my room and added my happy yellow mirror.  I created an extra bookcase until I can have the white one.  I made a happy place in my closet and turned my bed into a “I want to get in right now and never leave” place.  Here are some photos of the finished product.  Well, at least for now.  I still have more packing and unpacking and organizing to do, but you can get the general gist of things 🙂

closetCloset/makeshift bookshelf and happy area. Note: I still have to add clothes to the left side, but have to wait since I have to decide what I’m bringing still….

bed11 pillows. 2 down comforters. 1 feather bed. 1 comforter. 1 blanket (for now).

view into the roomMy bed was too tall so I stacked the night stands 🙂

bookshelfBookshelf, speakers and night stands, and flowers

mirror and windowon the bedpalm treehoosier

Okay, I’m ready for bed now!

So Many Thoughts

Wow, I feel like my head has been turned upside down and is ready to burst with all the thoughts I have running through it.  Thank-you Carrie.  Yikes.  I have so many blog topics that I want to run with and embrace but now I’m overwhelmed to the point where I don’t know how to pick!  So, I’m going to give you a snapshot and then decide later (aka tomorrow or later this week) which topics I want to pursue further with the written word 😉

Me: “How do I live a life with purpose, with meaning, with passion?  Does this mean that I have to change jobs? What if I have to move? Will I give up the comforts I’ve embraced to chase after Jesus?  Wait a minute…do I even know how to follow Him, yet alone where He’s leading me!?”

“Big ideas…am I thinking too small?”

“Am I an F or a T? Who knows…but personality types sure are interesting”

“I love the deep, searching talks yet so often I leave wondering where to begin and what I need to do.  I want to change so many things and figure out things, but…”

“Alright, life…what are we waiting for?  I don’t want to live in a ‘when this happens’ life begins kind of state.  I want to live life now and embrace my current situation-the good, the bad, all of it.  Help me let go of the ‘when I get married or when I have money’ ideas.”

“I’m waiting for someone with passion.  I’m not settling.”

“I screwed up. I’m sorry.  I sinned and now what am I going to do about it?”

“I got hurt. So what? Jesus was betrayed–he didn’t throw a pity party so neither should I.”

Performance Review

What if God gave out Performance Reviews?

Prayer: You’re doing much better, but you still have plenty of room for improvement. Also, what about listening a bit more? Sometimes you get a little talkative and get off subject. I encourage you to be brave and pray more with other people. Oh and one last thing. Praying right before bedtime usually makes you fall asleep.

Bible reading: What happened?? You were doing so well for a while. I know life got busy with graduation and moving, but I had hoped you would still keep with the before bedtime reading. What about lunch time? That might be a good time to read a little and then pick up the before bed and first thing in the morning. You really don’t need to check your e-mail ten times in the morning.

Church: I’m so happy that you like Hope and the Church Plant and that you genuinely miss being there when you’re away. Keep pursuing community. I know it’s hard, but keep at it. Also, keep finding ways to serve and be an integral part of Hope and Antioch Community Church.

Contentment: I know, I know, you had hoped this one wouldn’t come up. I know you want things that you don’t have. I know the desires of your heart. So, let’s keep working on this one.

Okay, so I’m lacking on substantial big topics. I know there are plenty more that I could touch on, but you get the idea. I had my 90-day performance review at work. Yikes, I am WAY emotional. I have known this about myself for a while, but today brought it home. I have a hard time seeing the positive (even if there are lots!) alongside the negative. The negative strikes home and becomes all that I remember. I become irrational and feel like I am being personally attacked. I go into the “I’m a horrible person, ect” cycle and get caught up. Rationally, I am thankful for the tips on what I can do better and areas where I need to improve because I honestly want to do the best job that I can in everything that I do. Feedback is important and is helpful. I just need to get beyond the self-esteem issue and wrap my head around the logical, rational side that sees how the criticism will be beneficial and helpful in the end. This covers all areas of my life from spiritual to emotional to work-related to physical to relational. Now, to get to work on changing and improving!

Melty White Chocolate Amazingness and Moving

I’m in my new house! Such an odd feeling. I wish I had roommates…(thank goodness they’re coming soon!) I’m “borrowing” internet from someone nearby–thank you, thank you!  Hopefully we’ll have our own very soon because well I want internet!  My stuff is everywhere, but at least my bed and two couches are here 🙂  Part of me is dying inside at not having everything where it belongs–the other part knows that this isn’t going to happen tonight.  Although, I definitely have tons of decorating ideas running through my head.  Oh, and I got my super happy standing mirror back!!  Now I just want to paint my room too.  So many things to do.

On another happy note, I had the most amazing dessert ever.  White Chocolate Molten Cake from Chili’s.  If you’ve read any of this blog, you’ve probably heard how much I heart white chocolate so this revelation shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Anyway, I loved the mix of the super warm cake with melty white chocolate and then ice cream covered in white chocolate.  I might even get creative and try to make one sometime–seems like the recipe wouldn’t be too bad.

Well, I’m off to:

a.) read because I’ve given up on unpacking

b.) unpack because I want things put away

c.) sleep…such a long day of moving

d.) mixture of the top 3 or an “unknown”

Your vote?

Moving Day!

Wow…the day has finally arrived.  The realization still hasn’t “sunk in.”  So, I’m laying in bed being lazy.  I have my kitchen things packed and my office stuff already over there.  Now I just have to do lots of laundry and pack all the rest of the stuff… 

Well, I’m going to continue to be lazy for now 🙂 

Celebration Pancakes!

I officially have signed on the dotted line, paid the deposit and received a set of keys!  Beginning Tuesday, I can start moving my stuff in 🙂   We had our first official “Family Dinner” at Amy’s after we got the keys and of course it was breakfast! Yum.  I love breakfast food and love pancakes with peanut butter even more.

Unfortunately, the camping trip was cancelled due to rain; however, we made the best of the situation by having a movie night and then walking around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet today.  Lots of fun!  Walking and talking and yummy food.  Plus, we watched “Into the Wild”–love it!!  I’m already ready to watch the movie again, that’s how much I liked it.

Memorable quotes from the movie and book (I REALLY want to read the book now!):

“When you forgive, you love.  And when you love, God’s light shines upon you.” -Mr. Franz

“When you want something in life, you just gotta reach out and grab it.” -Christopher

“Happiness is only real when shared.” -Christopher

“You don’t need human relationships to be happy.  God has placed it all around us.” -Christopher

“It is easy, when you are young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want something badly enough, it is your God-given right to have it…I was a raw youth who mistook passion for insight and acted according to an obscure, gap-ridden logic.  I thought climbing the Devils Thumb would fix all that was wrong with my life.  In the end, of course, it changed almost nothing.  But I came to appreciate that mountains make poor receptacles for dreams.  And I lived to tell my tale.” -Jon Krakauer

“So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more dangerous to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future.  The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.  The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon for each day to have a new and different sun.” -Christopher

Happy Day!

We probably found a house to live in starting in May! I’m psyched!  I am really hoping this one will work out.  One of my roommates has to look at the house still so we’re waiting for her to give the go ahead.  This has been a huge weight on my mind and a stressor.  I kept realizing that I have to move out in less than 3 weeks! Sad, crazy, exciting, fun, new.  I’m ready for a little change in life and to decorate a new room (we might even get to paint!)!  Plus, the house sits adjacent to a running trail…I’m in heaven!  There’s also a deck for summer parties so get ready!