One, Two, Three: Pack

Unpacking. Packing. Unpacking. Packing. This has been my life for the last few days.   I feel like I have accumulated so much stuff.  Though, I have enjoyed being able to organize and reorganized everything.  I put up pictures in my room and added my happy yellow mirror.  I created an extra bookcase until I can have the white one.  I made a happy place in my closet and turned my bed into a “I want to get in right now and never leave” place.  Here are some photos of the finished product.  Well, at least for now.  I still have more packing and unpacking and organizing to do, but you can get the general gist of things 🙂

closetCloset/makeshift bookshelf and happy area. Note: I still have to add clothes to the left side, but have to wait since I have to decide what I’m bringing still….

bed11 pillows. 2 down comforters. 1 feather bed. 1 comforter. 1 blanket (for now).

view into the roomMy bed was too tall so I stacked the night stands 🙂

bookshelfBookshelf, speakers and night stands, and flowers

mirror and windowon the bedpalm treehoosier

Okay, I’m ready for bed now!

Counting the Days

Wow, everything goes so fast.  I am officially done with work.  I had a crazy last day, but I still got a picture with some (aka the “best” hehe) coworker and boss:

workI also was able to snatch some photos with my roomies.  Look at facebook for the complete album courtesy of Amy G.  Otherwise, here are a few of my favorites (edit: this turned into a lot of my favorites, so enjoy):

the girlskitchen sceneYou can’t tell, but I’m holding a very large knife in this picture.  For some reason, I love opening plastic packages (like cake mixes) with a big knife.  

the porchWe went outside on the deck!

the bathroom posePosing in the bathroom

mirrorAngle shot in the mirror.  Gotta love it!

I can’t believe I’m all moved out and am leaving so soon (3 days 5 hours 24 minutes 4 seconds).  I am really going to miss those girls above and those not pictured.  But, we’re not going to think about that right now….As Scarlett O’Hara would say, “I can’t think about that right now. If I do I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”