The Letters

Read on if you’ve read The Letters by Luanne Rice and Joseph Monninger.  If you have not read the book, you may want to stop here and come back because there will be SPOILERS!  Thanks to the Hoochee book club for the suggestions (I’m just a bit late on posting this…though I did read the book the week of Christmas…still late, but not as late as now!)

Heart-wrenching, heart string-pulling letters. The kind of letters that make you want to get up and yank two people back together. At least until you find out about a few specific reasons that caused them to drift apart. 

Affairs. Emotional. Physical.

Thankfully, I’m usually not a crier, but I will say that my eyes may have teared up a little.  But I was also angry.  Angry that they would let this drive them apart.  Angry that she would do that.  Angry that he would leave.  But sad.  Sad that their son died. Sad that they were shaken to the core. Sad that people would manipulate them for money.  But thankful for letters that kept them connected, that helped them share and open up when everything seemed too hard.  

All of that to say that even now my feelings about the book are a mixed bag.  I read it in one sitting. Devoured it and yet I’m left with an aching to know what happens next.  I do love the idea of falling all over again through letters. I’m a romantic at heart, admittedly.  So, did you read it?  Thoughts?

p.s. I totally want to go to Alaska and go on a sled with dogs 🙂