The last week or so, or maybe most of my life, I find a few songs that I keep on hitting that repeat button over and over. Especially because certain bits and pieces of the lyrics hit a chord in my heart and either make me bust out a dance move or throw back my head in worship.  To end off the weekend with a bang and bring a little joy right into next week, here you go, for your viewing and listening pleasure:

“You Won’t Relent” sung by Jesus Culture (Found at 1:50 in this version of the song)

*this is doing a number on my view of God…
*and reminds me of this song that I even bought and which is still on repeat
*and yes, that is a quote in Afrikaans in my journal 🙂

And here is song #2 “Hold Us Together” by Matt Maher

*yes, if you were a fly on the wall you could probably find me dancing around to this upbeat tune, thanks for sharing this gem of a song, Lisa-Jo!

Soaking It In

I’ve become a SLOW reader. Why? Because I want to soak up every little bit of literary crafting in order to fully let the words get into my heart and not just my head.  I’ve been plugging my way through Mark Batterson’s new book Primal and needless to say, I’m intrigued.

I so appreciated his reminder that “silence is one of the soul’s love languages” after coming from a place that exudes silence (a farm far from town) and going into a small, but “noisy” city.  I love getting away in the wilderness…

Along with that, I SO needed the following reminder: “But if God is speaking to your heart, don’t let your mind get in the way of what God wants you to do. Sometimes loving God with all your heart simply means listening to your heart instead of your head.” Whoa, so good. When God invades my heart in such a shattering way, I don’t want to get caught up in the silly games my head plays. God completely changed my heart this last year and I’m letting Him come deeper so that my heart can respond with a big “YES” regardless of how it looks to my head.

So, what do you think? Are you looking for a primal faith? Ready to go on a quest for the lost soul of Christianity with Mark? Check out the book here or when I finish my copy, I’ll send it your way!

p.s. Check back tomorrow for another great quote from Primal and some thoughts about what breaks God’s heart…

*This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


The thing I love most about teaching is asking the students questions or when they ask questions!  I wish I could sit down with each of them and talk.  Get to know them better, learn more about their lives, their struggles, their triumphs, and really take the time to listen to go beyond the surface.  Too often, I think we default to conversations where we don’t delve into the gritty parts of life and we barely scratch the surface of understanding.  Yet, even those surface-y conversations show love, value, and that someone is listening.  Not only do I want to teach the curriculum, but I want to share life.  Each week, I’m trying to share more about myself and ask more pointed questions to give them an opportunity to share with me.   I love that many of the students I teach ask questions and answer them when I ask questions.  For that I’m thankful since unfortunately I can’t take 40 kids out to coffee.  Maybe someday! 🙂  

launchpadTeaching 🙂

small groupsSmall groups!

Bursting at the Seams

“if we were given all we want here, our hearts would settle for this world rather than the next” -Elisabeth Elliot

Earlier this week this post that included the quote above greatly encouraged me.  I have asked and planned for a lot of things in my life.  If my plan had gone accordingly, I would be honeymooning right now.  Instead, I got to go to an engaging discussion about prayer tonight.  I struggle with prayer.  I struggle with how to pray, when to pray, how to not “program” prayer.  I get nervous.  I don’t speak because I’m afraid.  Yet, after I’ve spoken to the Lord, I come away with an overwhelming sense of relief and awe.  Not only do I get to speak to Him, but He listens!  Even to the minute, petty details of my life.  I want to be a prayer warrior and infuse my life with prayer that it bursts at the seams.  I want to ask and receive as well as rejoice when I see the amazing things that happen.  I can’t wait to see the awesomely cool things that are going to come about due to the changes in my plans.  So here goes.

p.s. I won’t be typical and ask everyone to comment with a prayer request, but if you would like to leave one, know that I will be praying for you!  If you have something you don’t want to publicize (I definitely know how that goes!) feel free to e-mail me at 


I Don’t Understand, I Understand

I saw this on a couple of blogs and so I figured I’d join in on the fun.

Part 1:

I don’t understand how my phone cord at work ALWAYS gets tangled.

I don’t understand why steep and cheap can’t have more deals that I want

I don’t understand why Facebook is still so appealing and easy to waste time on

I don’t understand why I like blogging so much when I don’t know who is reading

I don’t understand how I can get so lost and involved in a book in no time

I don’t understand why bugs freak me out and other animals don’t

I don’t understand why I live in this dichotomy of sporty clothes and girly clothes


Part 2: 

I understand that I’m emotional and yet hate showing it

I understand that I am laid-back, flexible and a people-pleaser

I understand that I love to exercise and look sporty

I understand that if I buy something it better be “happy”

I understand I love listening and helping people

I understand Microsoft Access 

I understand that I love making desserts

Performance Review

What if God gave out Performance Reviews?

Prayer: You’re doing much better, but you still have plenty of room for improvement. Also, what about listening a bit more? Sometimes you get a little talkative and get off subject. I encourage you to be brave and pray more with other people. Oh and one last thing. Praying right before bedtime usually makes you fall asleep.

Bible reading: What happened?? You were doing so well for a while. I know life got busy with graduation and moving, but I had hoped you would still keep with the before bedtime reading. What about lunch time? That might be a good time to read a little and then pick up the before bed and first thing in the morning. You really don’t need to check your e-mail ten times in the morning.

Church: I’m so happy that you like Hope and the Church Plant and that you genuinely miss being there when you’re away. Keep pursuing community. I know it’s hard, but keep at it. Also, keep finding ways to serve and be an integral part of Hope and Antioch Community Church.

Contentment: I know, I know, you had hoped this one wouldn’t come up. I know you want things that you don’t have. I know the desires of your heart. So, let’s keep working on this one.

Okay, so I’m lacking on substantial big topics. I know there are plenty more that I could touch on, but you get the idea. I had my 90-day performance review at work. Yikes, I am WAY emotional. I have known this about myself for a while, but today brought it home. I have a hard time seeing the positive (even if there are lots!) alongside the negative. The negative strikes home and becomes all that I remember. I become irrational and feel like I am being personally attacked. I go into the “I’m a horrible person, ect” cycle and get caught up. Rationally, I am thankful for the tips on what I can do better and areas where I need to improve because I honestly want to do the best job that I can in everything that I do. Feedback is important and is helpful. I just need to get beyond the self-esteem issue and wrap my head around the logical, rational side that sees how the criticism will be beneficial and helpful in the end. This covers all areas of my life from spiritual to emotional to work-related to physical to relational. Now, to get to work on changing and improving!

The Language of Love

This last week of Ministry is Relationships we explored God-Powered Relationship Skills.

1. Spiritual Growth

(The list is supposed to be a slanted arrow moving from the bottom left to the top right…as if each builds on each other..I can’t get it to format right so work with me 🙂 )

  • Leadership is influence
  • Influence comes from credible relationships
  • Credible relationships come from a heart connection (Love)
  • Heart connection comes from listening
  • Listening comes from genuinely caring about people
  • Genuine concern for people comes from a growing relationship with God
  • A growing relationship with God


How healthy is your current relationship with God?

2. Love Languages

  • Time and attention
    • Bible verses to demonstrate this love language: John 3:22, Luke 18:15-17, John 4:1-42, Matthew 15:1-20
  • Touch (appropriate)
    • Matthew 19:13-15, John 11:17-37, Mark 10:13-16, Hebrews 3:13
  • Tell (words)
    • Proverbs 18:21, 25:11, Ephesians 4:29, Romans 1:11-12
  • To do (acts of service)
    • Luke 22:24-27, John 12:26, Galatians 5:13, Romans 12:1-8
  • Treasure (giving gifts)
    • Ps.24:1, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Matthew 19:27-29, 2 Corinthains 9:10-15, 9:7, Ephesians 6:7

Questions for Reflection

1. Which is the primary love language that you express to others?

2. Which love language does your closest friend primarily speak? Write one specific way that you can love this person using this love language.

3. Think of someone who is currently driving you nuts. What is his or her primary love language? Write one specific way that you can love this person using this love language.

Ministry Is Relationships

I started an “Adult Sunday School” today…how funny does that sound!? Ridiculous to me, but then again I don’t have too “churchy” of a background (eventually I’ll get to those stories).

The class obviously is called “Ministry is Relationships.”  Over the next 6 weeks, we’re going to explore how ministry without relationships is not ministry.

No Ministry=No relationships

Know Ministry=Know relationships

We’ll be exploring how to deal with “messy” relationships, how to listen well, and other related topics.  My plan is to blog after each session.  Also, if anyone wants to come with me–you’re more than welcome! 9am Sunday mornings 🙂

Today we began by delving into all of the messages the “world” sends, the effect of close relationships, of doing life with people, and about trust.

Specifically, the importance of gaining trust and authenticity  were stressed.

We also watched a heart breaking video of a teenager in a youth group that insisted they did a good job at inviting new comers…needless to say the teenager walked around for a painfully long time and not a soul said anything to him or even acknowledged his presence and during group prayer time he was alone…

My heart breaks over this.  I know the feeling.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate to a time when you just felt “left out, alone, lonely, invisible, unwanted, awkward, unsure, uninvited, ect.”  I’m naturally a quiet person, which makes it hard to strike up a conversation with strangers, but this was a HUGE reminder of the importance of welcoming others and having an open and inviting circle talking.

There’s more than enough to think about for one post. I’m sure there will be more to come on these subjects in the coming days or for sure by next Sunday.