a dash of personality

Here’s my adventure in putting together a frame and canvas over top!

Well, look at ALL those nails…I follow directions 🙂

But…my hammering skills need attention. Just adds a spark of me to the project.

But, it works!

This week, I learned to ask for help!  I had to put together the frame and then put the canvas over top.  I started out with the frame…totally didn’t work with a hand screw driver.  I tried and tried and the wood kept slipping and it just wouldn’t go!  So, I asked my dad for help. With an electric drill (i looked for one…) that he had and some glue for extra support, the frame came together.  He even let me nail all the fabric despite my inability to have the nail go in straight.

But you know what? I had fun! I got the project done and now it’s just ready for some of the little girlies in my life to come over to paint on it!

Plus, it reminded me once again that I am SO thankful for all the different people in my life and all their different skills and gifts!  God definitely knows how to teach us to work together.

Side note: Speaking of gifts and personalities, I LOVE learning about people and myers briggs and the like–definitely spent a while tweeting about it even yesterday.

So, here are mine…and throw yours out in the comment section and share something you created this week!

MBTI: INFJ–per wikipedia: “one of the rarest types” 😉


StrengthsFinder: Learner, Input, Achiever, Connectedness, Restorative, Developer (the extra one is from when I took it a second time and it came up instead)

The Strong Life Test: Lead role: either Teacher or Caretaker. Support role: Motivator

Any others that you’ve taken and like? Let me know 🙂

I write because…

I’m a learner at heart.

As I read and write…I learn about myself, about God, about others, about life.

When I write, I want to capture a moment, a feeling, a piece of truth staring me down, and share that with whoever is listening.

And just maybe, sometimes, the words might strike a cord with someone else’s heart like they did with mine. They might bring up a question, bring them back to a moment, touch them, make them feel alive, let us share life.

Because when I feel deeply, the words are part of the story and what I see.  I don’t want the moment to go unnoticed, to slip away.  So, I capture the memory in the words that portray beautiful truth.  And when this happens, how can I not share the painting?

As life truly is a work of art made up of brush strokes that move us along in the journey.  So, I splash words on paper to evoke inspiration, encouragement, freedom, and the simple every day moments.

Good writing changes me, deepens me, makes my eyes go big and sometimes makes them green with tears.  And good writing itself makes me want to write to stir up the paint to make something beautiful that expresses the abundant life in Christ.

Why do you write?


I LOVE surprises.  No lie.  I love surprising people and I love being surprised.  Surprise presents (flowers, gifts, flowers, hot chocolate, tea, stopping by, etc.) are awesome.  Especially when they’re from someone super close in my life.  So, what got me thinking about all of this? Well, airports.  I’m going to fly out in the near future and fly back.  I love the airport pick-up.  So much fun getting picked up.  Picking up is fun too.  Sometime in my life I want to fly in somewhere and skip out on the pick up to surprise someone at their front step.  Not sure who yet, but someone!  That’s all I have.  Enjoy the sentimental, personal explanation 🙂 

p.s. I’m sure I could fit how this works into my results from StrengthsFinder if I really wanted to…more about that in another post!  I met with a Strengths coach yesterday–fun stuff. (input, learner, achiever, connectedness, restorative/developer)


Instead of watching the opening ceremonies, I was learning my SHAPE.  Well, part of my SHAPE at least.  I get to learn the rest from 9-4 today. Woohoo.  Actually, in all seriousness, I am excited because I do see value in understanding the gifts and ways God has made me and others.  Last night I took the Strengthsfinder test and for those of you who are interested here are my results and the short little summary (Here’s where you can view more short summaries or just look at a book):

1. Input: People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving to know more.  Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.

2. Learner: People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve.  In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.

3. Achiever: People who are especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard.  They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.

4. Connectedness: People who are especially talented in the Connectedness theme have faith in the links between all things.  They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.

5. Restorative: People who are especially talented in the Restorative theme are adept at dealing with problems.   They are good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.


p.s. Apparently, I’m an INFJ again so maybe I’m not as much as a T or I as I thought once 🙂 Here are the numbers if that helps: 11 50 25 44