I Can.

Running on base proves to be a little tricky here because I’m not a huge fan of hills.  I avoid them if at all possible.  I much prefer running downhill or on flat ground.  Lately, running proved to be a struggle since I took a week off for Cape Town and then was sick for a while during Family Days.  I’m just now trying to get back into the groove of things.  Though, I’ve been frustrated with my lack of motivation and lack of results.  I hadn’t ran in two days and then started talking with another intern, Allen, about running last night and the upcoming Flatberg race (15k including going up a mountain…).  The conversation gave me the drive to finally get out and complete a “good” run.

I started out this morning determined to get up and go.  I set my alarm and was out the door by 6:05 a.m. with my iPod Nike+ set to a distance of 7k.  About 2k into my run, I got this ridiculous idea that I shouldn’t just run 7k, but, no, I should run a 10k.  Mind you, the farthest I’ve ran in the last week or two has been around 35 minutes.  But, when I decide something that’s that.  So, I kept running and running.  Being bored, I did some run there and then run back along with some circles in the field.  Basically, I did everything possible to not go up hill and still complete a 10k.  All of that to say that I did.  I ran 10.02k in 55:30 min. which translates into a 5:32 min/km pace or a 8:54 min./mile.  This was only 1 minute slower than the 10k I ran in July. Woot!  For being out of practice, I was happy.  Also, I was reminded of the power of determination, persistence, and the need to set my eyes on an achievable goal while not letting my feelings get in the way or let my mind start believing the lies of “I can’t.”

So, what’s been your greatest accomplishment this week?


Turning the calendar to August, the eighth month, means many things…

  1. Next Step summer interns leave on Thursday.
  2. Outreach Season ends
  3. This next week means performing a skit at LaunchPad assemblies to promote the after-school discipleship classes we teach since classes start up soon.
  4. My parents come this month.
  5. Term 4 starts
  6. 125 days until the internship ends.
  7. New beginnings
  8. 30 day shred
  9. Memorizing: Romans 12:1-2, I Corinthians 6:19-20, Proverbs 15:32-33, I Corinthians 9:25-27
  10. Saying hello to self control and discipline to turn the other way from sin
  11. Saying good-bye to July and hopefully winter soon
  12. Missing one of my best friend’s weddings
  13. Hope and expectancy for what’s to come
  14. Tearing down walls
  15. Meteor showers

Ragamuffintop Challenge Week 10

I ran 5 miles on Thursday to make my July goal! Yay.  Other than that, I biked 15 miles today 🙂  I’m feeling like I need a change in my goal.  So, here’s the plan for August.  I’ve got a training plan to be able to run a half marathon in 8 weeks and I’ll be able to keep my goal of running 8 miles for August 🙂  So here goes!

Here’s a picture from the 5 mile run:

Ragamuffintop Week 8

This is the week. I’m going all out. Get ready.

Sunday: 37 mile bike race. boo yah.  I finished!  2 hours 39 minutes–there was a lot of wind. Stats: average=13.8 maximum=25.4. Plus, I got a medal for being first in my division 🙂 Yeah, it’s in my room.

Monday: 40 minute run. 5 minute walk. 10 minute pilates stretching.

Tuesday: Woke up and did 20 minutes of Biggest Loser Body Sculpt.  After work I did the Biggest Loser Cardio Workout for 35 minutes (warm-up, level 1, level 2), and then cooled down with a 30 minute walk/talk

Wednesday: Woke up and did 10 minutes of Pilates Total Body Workout.  Biked for 10.1 miles in 46 minutes. Stats: average=13.1, maximum=23.7

Thursday: Woke up and did 20 minutes of Biggest Loser Body Sculpt–10 minutes level 3 and then warm up and cool down.  Got home and started talking on the phone and walking for 1 hour 15 minutes. Tried to get tired for bed by doing 25 minutes of Biggest Loser Cardio (5 minute warmup and 20 minute level 1)

Friday: 10 minutes of pilates in the morning and then busy at night 🙂

Saturday: 21.7 mile bike ride with Twin Cities Bike Club–quite an adventure…look for the next post

I’m lame again and don’t have a video, but have I have this sweet logo of the bike race I was in so there you go.  Hey, if you want to, go encourage the other Ragamuffintoppers!