Love it!

I am loving the weather today ūüôā I’ve spent the morning reading and laying out on my deck enjoying the sunshine. ¬†Heavenly. ¬†Summer finally¬†seems like it might be here. ¬†I’m not holding my breath, but here’s to hoping. ¬†

Happy Day!

We probably found a house to live in starting in May! I’m psyched!¬† I am really hoping this one will work out.¬† One of my roommates has to look at the house still so we’re waiting for her to give the go ahead.¬† This has been a huge weight on my mind and a stressor.¬† I kept realizing that I have to move out in less than 3 weeks! Sad, crazy, exciting, fun, new.¬† I’m ready for a little change in life and to decorate a new room (we might even get to paint!)!¬† Plus, the house sits adjacent to a running trail…I’m in heaven!¬† There’s also a deck for summer parties so get ready!