Friday Fun

Let’s do this.  5 minutes of free writing with no pressure, no edits, no rules, and just plain fun.

Today’s topic:


I sneak over to his side of the bed after he’s snuck out to shower.  My sleepy brain is still in complete sleep mode.  When he comes back, he prays over me for my day and I mumble a prayer back.  Though, let’s be honest, I can’t say for sure that what I said was all that great.  I do remember how he made fun of me because my words were messed up and then I joked back with him that God was going to smite him because he was making fun of my prayer.  He played right along with my sleepy state.  When the nights are long and work schedules are late, I find myself needing so much more rest than I’d like.  I grumble about how I used to get up at 4 something or 5 something.  He gently reminds me that I also used to start work at 6.  Work starts at 3pm now and that definitely causes a shift.  He’s ever full of grace for my sleepy, restful state and I’m humbled.  Rest for the soul. A place to rest my heart. Rest for my body.  Saturday, come quickly, I’m ready for a day of rest.


5 minutes of writing your heart out without editing or need for perfection on a Friday with a fun little prompt from Lisa-Jo


I want real. I want honest. I want truth. Yet sometimes I get in the way of me and find myself stuck in what I’ve thought is real because of what I’ve been taught, heard, what’s been spoken over me, and what’s been my experience.  There’s freedom in knowing the real parts of life.  There’s a battle to be had when you’re fighting to become who you are all the while resting in knowing that it is who you because He says it is so.  It is so.  No matter what whispers you hear and what lies sneak their way into your head…His word stands firm.  He is the author and perfecter.  He is the creator.  He knows who He made you to be.  That’s the real I want to know.  That’s the real I’m fighting and battling for because it’s worth it.

Your turn!


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you TRUST in him.

Romans 15:13

I wrote about journals last week and it happened to be that I went out to buy a new one that day as well.  I went with the intention of finding one with my word on it: Trust.  God one upped me and provided one that not only has my word from last year (joy) and this year, but also the word hope.  Hope and I have been having a bit of a wrestling match the last few weeks…hope’s winning.  Here’s what’s on the back of the journal that hit my heart in a “Oh…really. Eish. Okay, God.” complete with a nice little eye roll and a sigh of here goes…

not to mention this is what was written on the back of the journal:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good…to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

To hope is to long for something with all your heart knowing that it can come true.  Explore those longings, your God given dreams, and your hopes for the future on these pages.  Refreshing quotes and verses will help you put your thoughts and prayers into words.


What are you longing for, hoping for? What is something you would write on the pages?



you:create…so much fun!

This week I have had so much fun just playing around.  I found a bunch of free online scrap booking kits, fonts, buttons and all sorts of fun things.  I got lost in the creating. I found myself looking at things in fresh ways. Seeing myself through what I created and what my heart was drawn to on the page.

So, I created a cute little background for this little blog here and then here are some screen shots of some of the other pages I’m still playing around with–I’m very much a keep tweaking things along the way and take my time in settling down roots.  Oh, and did you notice my cute little buttons on the side? They make me happy. And oh, I added a “To Africa With Love” tab…that is *under construction* because I’m still creating all sorts of fun things for it like a video, a button, and words to go with my heart.

What did I learn along the way? That my heart gravitates toward the bright, the pastels, the girly, the things that make me smile.  The pages that let me breathe a deep breath of joy.  That I love the process of creating more than the finished project.  I don’t like finishing totally, but leaving room for flexibility and adjustment as things develop.  That I’m a work in progress and ever changing. Oh, and as usual…my heart goes back to love.

So, what do you think? Do you like it? What does your heart gravitate toward?


i’m fighting. my heart is weary, but my Shield is here.

when i find my heart wanting to say i’m scared….i remember and say “for god has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind”


my heart captured a moment.

my legs criss crossed. she fit with room to spare. she settled in skin on skin with her lungs still working hard. i knew she had spun and spun in circles during the last song. spinning recklessly as little girls do best. she spun in His love as His daughter. yet, now, He was calling her to come close. to not be afraid. to hear the “i love you.” to melt into her abba’s arms. to tell him what’s on her heart.  to rustle and raise her little arm into the air.

faith like child.

Up, Up and Away

The lovelies at (in)Courage prompted a challenge to find a coloring book page and explain why you chose it…here goes:

I’m all about “happy” and in terms of coloring that means lots of bright colors so when I saw this picture I got excited.  More than that, the page speaks right to where my heart is at.  See, I’m on this journey with God where I’m finding joy and letting Him do some deep heart work to break those ties that hold me to the ground.  He wants to take me to places that I can’t get to alone or would even choose.  Up, Up and Away to beyond all that I can ask or imagine because He is working ALL things out for good 🙂

What would YOU color??

Quotes that go along with this:

“Life is a work of art. You have to keep mixing the colors, creating new blends,and seeing things in fresh ways. You must be willing to get paint all over you.” -Erwin McManus

“God wants to take us to places we can’t get to by ourselves, but we will never get there if we hold onto where we are.”

“I would have never chosen that place to go…”

“It had opened her eyes to the fact that right down in the depths of her own heart she really had but one passionate desire, not for the things which the Shepherd had promised but for himself.  All she wanted was to be allowed to follow him forever. “Nothing else really matters only to love him and to do what he tells me.” -Hinds Feet in High Places