“I have to trust that I can really know a person. Deep-down, hearts-connected, honest-to-goodness, truly know someone.  I desire to be known in that way, and I desire to know others on that level. And I refuse to believe that intimacy is only a sandcastle waiting for a wave to erase it from the shoreline. Some things just have to be real.”

Grit and Glory

Circumstances, situations, and people resulted in some of my sandcastles to be washed away, but through it all I agree with Alece.  I won’t stop trusting.  I won’t stop risking.  I won’t stop letting others into my world even when I want to runaway. I refuse to let the past determine the future even though it’s hard. If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it.

Thrive Africa

Ever since starting to read this blog, I’ve been thinking about missions, adventures, where God has called me, and how that looks.  Little did I know, that this post had been written a couple of weeks ago and that a follow-up post would be written for me to read today.  All of that translates to: PRAY for me 🙂