Money Money Money

My husband the other day was talking about how he had read a devotional about the four money languages.  I had heard about these before, but couldn’t remember them so I promptly looked them up on google and found this fun video.  We both could identify our money languages and could see traces of our secondary languages as well.

Here’s the line that I identified with most:

“We can take that trip. We can buy pizza!”

Amiable it is!  Pretty sure I’ve been known to say, “Hey! We have unallocated funds [funds not put in the budget yet]….let’s go buy something fun!” Not to mention that the last time we had unallocated cash on hand, I ended up going and buying all sorts of food for people.  Hello, money means love =) Plus, gifts is one of my top love languages.

Ryan on the other hand…well, he’s an analytic and…”Money means security.”  He’s been known to have thousands and thousands of dollars just sitting in the bank. Handy, though, when it comes time that he wants to do something with it like buy a wedding ring or go to Sri Lanka or head to Norway for a few months.

Thankfully, I have some analytic in me too and he’s willing to spend on experiences, which helps us be on the same page money wise and we’re Dave Ramsey fans.

How about you? Are you a driver, amiable, analytic, or expressive?

Leaving him in His hands

I absolutely loved Monday.  I soaked up every moment.  We painted each others’ faces.  We ran around and played with foam swords.  Tossed a soccer ball around and even kicked it around.  We tried to play a DVD of the tons of pictures I had of him.  Opened gifts.  He played with my hair.  He asked/demanded: on your shoulders.  I simply let life happen without focusing on the “see you in His timing.”  I said I love you and Ke a o rata and I’ll miss you enough without letting it get in the way.  I tried to tell him that I wouldn’t be coming back next week, but he still said good-bye with a see you next week.  I drove away so filled with my cup overflowing.  I left him in His hands because He holds Him much better than I ever could.  I am so incredibly thankful that God brought Lindo back into my life this time and am so excited to see him again in His timing.  God showered me with His peace and held me close as I drove away missing him already, but holding him in my heart as always.



Check this out!  I love the concept of taking something that you’re not good at or a rookie at and giving it a shot.  The whole idea behind being creative takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you into a challenging, thought-provoking, out of the box, dynamic situation in which you can utilize your gifts and talents in a unique, powerful way.  For me, I already have an “assignment” waiting for me.  Last week, I bought some paints since Kelly, my lovely intern director, gave me a canvas she hadn’t used.  I am definitely a rookie with painting, but already have a few dabbling thoughts for what to paint.  What about you? What area can you expand your creative thinking?


I LOVE surprises.  No lie.  I love surprising people and I love being surprised.  Surprise presents (flowers, gifts, flowers, hot chocolate, tea, stopping by, etc.) are awesome.  Especially when they’re from someone super close in my life.  So, what got me thinking about all of this? Well, airports.  I’m going to fly out in the near future and fly back.  I love the airport pick-up.  So much fun getting picked up.  Picking up is fun too.  Sometime in my life I want to fly in somewhere and skip out on the pick up to surprise someone at their front step.  Not sure who yet, but someone!  That’s all I have.  Enjoy the sentimental, personal explanation 🙂 

p.s. I’m sure I could fit how this works into my results from StrengthsFinder if I really wanted to…more about that in another post!  I met with a Strengths coach yesterday–fun stuff. (input, learner, achiever, connectedness, restorative/developer)

Lyrical Listing: Casting Crowns

When I listen to songs, I fall in love with little parts and then wait for them and sometimes play that part over and over.  Often, I could even tell you that such and such part begins at 1 minute 45 seconds.  🙂  So, here are some of my favorite parts as of late from Casting Crowns songs:

The Altar and the Door by Casting Crowns

Trying so hard to stop trying so hard

Just let you be who you are

Lord, who you are in me

Jesus, I’m trying so hard

to stop trying so hard

just let you be who you are

Lord, who you are in me

Prayer for a Friend by Casting Crowns

Lord, I lift my friend to you

My best friend in the world

I know he means much more to you

I want so much to help him

This is something he has to do

Lord, I lift my friend up to you

All Because of Jesus by Casting Crowns

Giver of every breath I breathe

Author of all eternity

Giver of every perfect thing

To You be the glory

Maker of heaven and of earth

No one can comprehend Your worth

King over all the universe

To You be the glory

Does Anybody Hear Her? By Casting Crowns

If judgment looms under every steeple

If lofty glances from lofty people

Can’t see past her scarlet letter

And we never even met her

Does anybody hear her?

Can anybody see?

Or does anybody even know she’s going down today