What’s Up Wednesday

IMG_1934hearing Boaz crunch on an apple that I deemed too old for me to eat

seeing the book of Luke and my DSM book

thinking that I’m ready for spring and to be able to go outside!

doing bible reading, breaking free, and a final exam

looking forward to seeing sigur ros, going to virginia, and planning another vacay

feeling content and happy to have Boaz home

touching the wooden chairs my grandmother made

missing africa and friends

thankful for being able to sleep in, cereal, pretty wedding pictures, marriage, friends, sunlight, mountains

excited about going to the mountains again

coming up easter, spring, and ally & levi coming home!

something old the shorts i’m wearing that i love

something new a super soft liberty sweatshirt that i got for free

something blue Boaz’s chew toy


the lines blur

The carpet cleaners came yesterday. My room needless to say was not quite in a state where others could come and well, see the floor let alone clean it. I go in streaks of “clean” and tend to like making piles of things like clothes and books.

What started as a little cleaning turned into full blown organizing, throwing away, piling to sell/giveaway, and then rearranging my furniture!  In the midst of all this, I found this “pretty” little, um, bracelet or hair binder or something? Last year, with my girlies we took a night to learn how to crochet.  I think it was supposed to be a mitten.  That was as far as I got and let me tell you…if you could see the stitches (is that even what they’re called!?) you would know they are messy and not pretty!  But, I wore it on my wrist all night to remind me…

At this time last year, my life was a bit like that bracelet. Looking good from a distance, but up-close there were gaping holes, extra string, hasty attempts to cover parts, skipped rows…but the thing is that God didn’t leave me like that. He’s the one who exposed the things I tried to hide, ripped out the lies, filled in my holes, made rows of truth, and used it all for good.

He’s still doing that in my life and will continue this good work until completion. Just like with my room, He’s throwing out some junk that’s stayed in my heart, exposing more lies, bringing in the new, resurrecting dreams, and teaching me to keep laying things at His altar.

I’m so thankful that He keeps saying to me…

“yes, I love you right here, right now, but I’m not going to just let you stay in the muddy pit, baby girl, I’m going to take you out, and transform you into who I created you to be because when I see you, the lines blur between you and me.”


Is God doing a little heart work in you to blur the lines?

How can I be praying for you?

My Ways or His Ways?

Sometimes I find that my perception of God needs a bit of alteration.  I find that I am not consistent in my thinking or that I bought into something that shouts that I’m stuck on my ways instead of seeing them as His ways.

Example One: I found a prayer in one of my journals that asked God to protect me from deception.  And at first, I was like, uh….what!? where were you God–why didn’t you step in and intervene and save the day? Except, the kicker here is that I wanted Him to intervene so that things would turn out how I wanted them.  He DID protect me by allowing others to step in and walk with me. Things just looked different.

Example Two: I keep wanting to put lists, rules, and lines in areas of my life.  But, then, I’m reminded…He wants me to fall in love with Him in such a way that life no longer feels like a list of do’s and don’ts but a crazy madly love that permeates all that I do to where each and every moment translates into an all relying on Him adventure both with Him and others!

Example Three: I found myself verbalizing frustration over waiting on God’s timing…yeah, sometimes I get frustrated.  But, see, I kept thinking of Him as almost teasing or just not wanting to give me want I want.  Though, really, no! That’s not it at all. He wants to wait to give me that amazing delicious tasting satisfying falafel instead of letting me settle for some not so tasty cheeseburger…

How about you? Do you need to adjust or alter some areas you translate your ways as God’s ways?

UP for some Real Me?

I lived in Africa for a year as many of you may know.  While there, I met this amazing girly who I absolutely love and we now have skype dates on Saturday that seriously make my week.  But, see, here’s the thing.  She doesn’t like movies. Like at all. And she rubbed off on me.

I have yet to go to a movie theater since being back in the States, shame, eh? I did thoroughly enjoy Earth from Red Box and would be so incredibly happy to own that entire DVD series.  My “bonding time” with my mama over “The Bachelor” is just about as poppy as I get when it comes to this stuff.

All of that to say that yesterday, I watched a movie after I went on my long run (and yes, we were friends!).  Remember how I told you that I ran 16.1k, well, that was on the docket again for this week.  Though, this time I ran outside (woot! woot! love me some warm(er) weather and running tights and wearing mittens to carry things) and listened to a whole jumble of worship songs*.  Plus, I improved my time!

Despite my speedy running and motivation to attempt to arrive on time, I didn’t…plus, when I got there I stopped and chatted for a bit with the pastor’s wife (love her and hey! relationships matter! and yes…still working on the time thing).  Thankfully, my friends (yes, I’ve been home long enough to even make “friends”) usually extend an extra big dose of grace. Hey, they must be friends if they’re already learning to not let me get away with my answers that aren’t answers (aka indecision) by helping me commit and they put up with my half inviting myself by saying that I so want/need to see said movie they are talking about watching.

By now, you must REALLY be wondering (or you’ve given up on this long post–usually I dislike long posts greatly and even spent time trying to make this shorter, but there’s just too much fun stuff to share….) what movie I would want/need to see….dun dun dun… UP.  Confession: the main reason I wanted to see this movie was because another fabulous girly I met in Africa watched this movie on the plane ride home (I fell asleep..I do that often especially during movies) and told me about an absolutely gut-wrenching line that simply made us BOTH teary eyed or should I say bawling (oh, side note: my eyes turn an amazingly gorgeous green when I cry)…as if we weren’t already since we were leaving “home.”  Today, I didn’t cry nearly as much as I would have if I had watched it then…I only got teary eyed and missed my people and my home.  All because of a few lines:

“It might sound boring, but the boring stuff I remember the most.”

“Thanks for the adventure, now go have a new one.”

Congrats to you if you made it this far!  So, your turn: have you seen UP? do you run on africa time?  do you like movies? tell me something I don’t know.

*Running Playlist for the day: Battlefield by Jordin Sparks, Everything Falls by Fee, More Like Falling in Love by Jason Gray, Rain it Down by Carlos Whittaker, There’s Only One by Caedmon’s Call, How He Loves by Kim Walker, This Day by Audio Adrenaline, You Said by Shane and Shane, Let My Love Open the Door by Audio Adrenaline, Glory to God Forever by Fee, This Could Be Our Day by Addison Road, God of Wonders by Third Day, Show Me Your Glory by Third Day, From the Inside Out by Hillson, Tomalo by Hillsong, Not Enough by Caedmon’s Call, Madly by Steve Fee, All We Need by Charlie Hall,


katlehoYesterday, we met some of the kids at Hope House.  Today, we’re meeting Katleho.  He comes to our LaunchPad class at Clubview every Tuesday.  He came last term for our “Becoming A Contagious Christian” curriculum and he’s coming this term as well for “Christ in You.”  He sits in the back row of the class with a couple of his friends.  Last term, he didn’t talk much, seemed more interested in other things, but still had a touch of curiosity and he even came up to talk with me once after class.  Yet, despite all this, I could tell he wanted more.  Even in this picture, you can see a glimpse of his personality, his curiosity, his hope.  LaunchPad is one of my favorite parts of the week. Why? Because I absolutely love seeing lives transformed through God working through engaging curriculum and personal relationships.  I can see the difference in Katleho’s eyes as he comes to class and how he interacts compared to last term.  I see him prompting and delving into the discussion questions with his friends.  I am excited for God’s work in him and am expectant for even more.  Pray with me for the kids in the LaunchPad classes for radical transformation to be evident in their lives!

Good Conversation

All weekend I’ve been in the mood for a normal, happy conversation with someone from home. This afternoon not only did I get one, but I got two! I am so thankful for this weekend and for getting to catch up with friends. From stargazing to running to walks to exploring possibilities to dreaming to s’mores to listening to podcasts, I’m refreshed and ready for another week.

Soul Cravings, Part 2

“There is only one reason for God to come himself, because in issues of love, you just can’t have someone else stand in for you.”

I have never thought of this in quite the same light.  How amazing that God came.  God came because He is love.  

Think on this.  You’re madly in love.  You met, became friends, and started dating.  He brings you flowers for no reason at all.  You take long walks and talk about anything and everything.  He takes you on dates.  He teaches you new things and you learn about each other along the way.  Your community (friends, church, family) actively engage and advise on your relationship.  Everything is going perfectly.  You want to spend the rest of your life together.  

His friend shows up at your door with flowers and a ring.  He proposes to you for your love.  What!? I don’t think so!  I, for one, would not be happy at all if someone else proposed for him.  Even more, I would be sad that he was not there.

So, in all reality, it makes sense that God came.  He came to show His love.

The Year Through Pictures

So…I’m a copy cat.  Annie had this awesome post and so I wanted to do the same:

happy1January: Ringing in the New Year–ready for a fresh start

cute-salsa-dancingFebruary: A little salsa dancing fun before “real life” aka full-time job-ness sets in.

cheesecake popsMarch: No homework means time to make fun recipes like Cheesecake pops, read lots of books, take a ceramics course, and work out 🙂

running shoesApril: ” 1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. 2Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:1-2

love at first sightMay: I said hello to love at first sight

amy g and iJune: Summer nights with friends and  enjoying our sweet deck

car crashJuly: There were a few crashes along the way this year.  A few rough spots, but in the end the plastic pops right out and the head lights are millimeters away from being smashed.

bull shipAugust: Spent some time with family.  Said “Look at the bull ship,” which was interpreted as “Look at all this bull shi*” (say that 3 times fast and your family will think you are NOT having fun when really you are)

churchSeptember: Life may be a little messy, but at the end of the day I can always turn to my “church family” for anything I need.  I’m going to miss them…

carrieOctober: “Ransomed” God, theology, podcasts, blogging, life, and everything in between could always be found in our conversations.  I miss her already!

driving to the airportNovember: “But if the bright lights don’t receive you, you should turn yourself around and come on home.”

puppyDecember: Stay warm with a puppy, lots of blankets and hot chocolate while looking forward to a New Year. 

Good-bye 2008. Hello 2009.


So there was one night where a friend and I went out to eat at Don Pablo’s.  She had already taken a super cute picture in her Ragamuffin Soul T-Shirt, but we had not taken one together yet.  We had good intentions, but just never got around to taking a picture.  After I got home from work, I decided to put on my sweet Ransomed Ragamuffin Soul T-Shirt.  I pondered calling her to tell her to wear hers too, but since I tend to be on the late side (understatement) I figured she had already left.  Little did I know that the same thought (minus the her being late–she’s rather prompt) went through her mind.  Once in the restaurant, we unzipped our coats and there we were. Yep, pretty sweet except that we then forgot to take a picture at the restaurant and didn’t take one until right before she left.

So Not Ready“Here let me put my hair up. Wait. You took a picture!”

Not Quite

When I saw this picture, the first thing that came to mind was “Odd. I look like I’m trying to be a bird or something flying with how I’m leaning forward. At least Carrie is normal.  But we are off-center too….”

Ragamuffin Soul T-ShirtsA few tries later=happy picture.

p.s. I’m going to miss that girl!