A Warm Blanket

The weeks speed by and the joyful moments abound.  I am finding “joy” all over the pages of my bible and embedding it in my heart.  From the brief moments my heart pauses to notice to the situations that weigh like a warm blanket, I am beginning to see Him even more in all that I do. And that. I love. Seeing My beloved all the time and resting in His delight in me.

136. writing late at night

140. blustery roads

157. a deep breath

161. hummus quesadillas

169. realizing how far God’s brought me

170. couches and blankets with love

171. hugs at church (Antioch)

172. impromptu speaking about Africa at church

175. Answering: So how did Katy change?

176. Trader Joe’s stops

178. knowing I’m right where God wants me to be



pillow fight

Toga! As a group, the Twenty4Seven interns, decided to end May with a Toga party complete with falafel, hummus, pitas, and better than sex cake.  Everyone sported togas made out of sheets.  We all helped cook and clean up (typically, one team cooks and the other cleans up–my team consists of Allen, Sam, Tara and myself and our team name is AKTS). I ate so much and felt completely satisfied! After we ate, we piled on the couches later to keep warm after, of course, a little pillow fighting.

toga!p.s. when did my hair get so long!?

Melty White Chocolate Amazingness and Moving

I’m in my new house! Such an odd feeling. I wish I had roommates…(thank goodness they’re coming soon!) I’m “borrowing” internet from someone nearby–thank you, thank you!  Hopefully we’ll have our own very soon because well I want internet!  My stuff is everywhere, but at least my bed and two couches are here 🙂  Part of me is dying inside at not having everything where it belongs–the other part knows that this isn’t going to happen tonight.  Although, I definitely have tons of decorating ideas running through my head.  Oh, and I got my super happy standing mirror back!!  Now I just want to paint my room too.  So many things to do.

On another happy note, I had the most amazing dessert ever.  White Chocolate Molten Cake from Chili’s.  If you’ve read any of this blog, you’ve probably heard how much I heart white chocolate so this revelation shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Anyway, I loved the mix of the super warm cake with melty white chocolate and then ice cream covered in white chocolate.  I might even get creative and try to make one sometime–seems like the recipe wouldn’t be too bad.

Well, I’m off to:

a.) read because I’ve given up on unpacking

b.) unpack because I want things put away

c.) sleep…such a long day of moving

d.) mixture of the top 3 or an “unknown”

Your vote?

I feel like I’m still learning how to trust

Yesterday turned into an awesome intellectual, artsy night! I went to the senior art show at Bethel and then listened to part of Bethel choir’s coming home concert. I forgot how much I get blown away by amazing singers. This reminded me that I miss standing by a boy in church that sings ridiculously well. Actually, I like standing by any good singer! Also, the piano and violin served as excellent counterpoints to the singing. The art show included some pottery, which made me happy and some other interesting pieces.


After those two events, I went to the Jeremy Messersmith, Chris Koza, and Wars of 1812 concert at the Varsity last night…love it! Somehow I had never been to a concert there before…I’ve been missing out big time! I fell in love with the big comfy couches and chairs that line the side. I only wish there had been more! Though, I dressed completely wrong. Sad day! I wanted spring a bit too much and opted for a skirt. My legs paid for my mistake and froze all night! I wish the concert had been earlier, but I suppose I can stop being lame for one night and stay up until 2:00am! Other than those minor unhappy things, I had a fabulous time with good company. I had only listened to the groups a little bit before so that made for a fun time. Plus, I liked all of them! I am in love with Chris Koza’s song “Adjust.” I’m totally ready to go to his CD release party! The more concerts I add to my “Hello 2008” list, the more I think that I aimed way to low with hoping to go to one!

Now I’m off to house hunt! Wish me luck…it’s proving harder than I previously thought!