5 Things I Love

1.Yeah, yeah, I’m sure if you’ve been reading a while and saw the title then you just knew that this little guy would be on this list.  I love Lindo especially his amazing hugs and asking to be on my shoulders.

2. Bare feet!  I greatly dislike socks and even shoes. Going barefoot is the best and if not that then at least flip flops.  I must say that being back in the snow…I’ve gotten multiple comments about how I need to wear shoes…boo.

3. Wearing sunglasses on my head.  They make me feel summery and happy.  Oh and I love this girly too! She makes my heart happy!  Though, I’m not so keen on her living miles and miles away now instead of down my stairs…

4 and well 5 too there’s a lot of love in this. This picture shows so many random things I love: Wearing my hair in braids. The hat Tara made for me because I love her! and the hat.  The other hat that I got in SA hanging on the door. Being able to hang things on my door like sweatshirts and purses is so handy. Painted wooden chairs.  All the bright happy colors.  The South African flag in the background because I love SA and the people and God’s calling on my life. Also, below the flag now is a poster of the Hope House kids and I love them. My Lerato shirt from June because I love June, Lerato (love in Sesotho) is my name and that it supports Thrive.

ht: 5 things I love

Move Along

Things move.  People move.  Today, I moved right along into my bed where I promptly slept the day away.  Whereas, my parents moved from devotionals to Hope House planning to LaunchPad.  I tried so hard to feel better (did I mention I have an icky sore throat, headache and just plain feel gross…) by LaunchPad, but instead slept right through lunch to be awoken by a phone call, which sent me back to bed.  Though, all day God reminded me that even though I may be sidelined, He’s in control.  He orchestrates the details and I need to continue to say “yes.”  I need to let Him orchestrate whatever He wants and to let my own agenda fall to the side no longer to be seen.  Even if I may not be part of the front lines some days, I play an irreplaceable role.  My relationships with others can either move backward or forward.  My relationship with Him does the same.  My decisions and steps lead a certain way.  I can run with what He’s set in motion and recognize my dependency on the body of Christ or I can complain and refuse to play my role.  I continually need to decide to move along wherever He calls.  So, are you moving along with Him today?

The Past

“Some spend their lives painting images that only remember the past.” p. 4

The past…entraps, makes you feel stuck, holds you back.  Through examining our past, we can move forward with greater clarity and understanding of ourselves.  Yet, our focus must be on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith for He will transform us as we continue to abide in Him and renew our minds.

“What darkness has consumed you and stolen from you, robbed from you, sucked out of your soul the dream God created you to flesh out?” p. 31

What has distracted you? What has pulled you off the path?  The dream still exists whether or not we have lost focus.  We can return and reclaim that dream.  Not all is lost.

“You are being manipulated by the circumstances of your life rather than being moved by a calling with purpose and mission.” p. 47

Seasons come and go throughout our life.  We choose our attitude.  We choose our reactions.

“What we should learn from wisdom we insist on learning through the pain that comes from being unteachable.” p. 51

I strive to be teachable.  To listen well and accept advice, criticism, and observation about myself and my life.  As others recognize things, I need to examine my heart and recognize the areas in need of transformation without becoming defensive.  Easier said than done!

“Are you settling for a life that essentially seeks the measure of everyone else’s value of who you are? Are you a prisoner to the opinion of others, or are you willing to allow God to create the life of your dreams?” p.113

I am easily swayed by popular opinion and by my perception of people’s opinions.  My perception sways my thinking.  I may perceive something far different than reality.  Thus, I must instead turn to God to allow Him to inform my perception and help me create a masterpiece out of my life.

ht: Wide Awake by Erwin McManus

Saying “No”

I have a hard time saying “no.”

“Don’t say yes just because it’s difficult to say no. If you don’t know who you are and who you’re not, you’ll probably say yes when you should say no. Why? Because you’ll focus on the wrong thing. You’ll focus on the position instead of your calling.”

“But it brought me back to ground zero: I want to be dead-center in the will of God. That is the only position that counts. That is the place of blessing. That is where God can use us most.”

I have a hard time knowing I am dead-center in the will of God, yet that is where my heart wants to be all the time.

ht: Mark Batterson

My Own Little World

Ever find yourself captivated and blinded by your own little world?  So caught up by the every day and the desires of your heart.  Acting without thinking through all the potential consequences.  Choosing based on whims or personal desires.  Taking on a “it’s my life” kind of attitude.  Failing to let others speak truth into your life or not calling them before you make that phone call or decision.  

 Personally, I act and express myself in such a selfish way sometimes only to find out later how my actions effect others.  Making a phone call can dramatically cause ramifications within my relationships.  What I write about in this blog effects those who read it.  My own well-being and emotional status affects those around me.  My closest friends and family often have to deal intimately with the aftermath of my decisions.  Yet, they still stick by me wanting to build me up, process my actions, and pray with me.  I am so thankful for such people in my life because let’s be honest, they don’t have to do that.  They can get wrapped up in their world and find my issues too big or too cyclical to deal with.  

Even those “far away” from me sometimes feel the effects of my decisions.  Will I give money to this organization or spend it on this?  Will I go here or will I stay?  Even as I interact with those nearby, they will in turn go to interact with others.  Will my actions build them up? Encourage them? Give them hope? 

1 Thessalonians 5:11

“…Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…”