A Few of My Happy Places

My bed…so many pillows and blankets and things (usually not this neat, but rather covered with books, bags, mittens, random things). it’s one of those places you just sink into, curl up and feel right.

walking on the beach (florida, cape town, anywhere really)

my porch in africa or on one of the mountains and well africa in general

Lindo on my shouldersDriving in a car with big sunglasses on, windows down, music up loud

So, there are a few of my happy places. There are many more…but that’s a start. 🙂

What about you? Where’s your happy place/s? Do you have a favorite place? (I don’t do favorites!).

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Post-It Anywhere and Everywhere

I’m a learner. I try to soak up as much information as possible. But, here’s the kicker. I often let that information stay in my head rather than soaking it up in my heart to produce transformation.Thus, intentionality, repetition, and the Holy Spirit are my friends.  Instead of storing away the information in “hopes” of doing something with it later, I turn to them.

I intentionally make time to dig deeper, ask how to practically put this into practice, make a plan to put it into practice, and to ask the Holy Spirit what else.

Then I become Ms. post-it anywhere and everywhere. Reminders are key.  By my bed you’ll see my goals, ways to seek intimacy with God, ways to be guarded and a “what-if” plan, and the scripture I’m memorizing for the week.  My bathroom mirror holds promises to stand on and by my door there is the South African flag and the poster of Hope House kids.  My phone has pictures of Lindo.  I need to see, read, meditate, memorize, and be reminded in order to let these truths penetrate my heart and make that journey.

Finally, I make sure that I’m looking to Him and not getting distracted or relying on my own “plans” or practical steps.  I desire to live a life that is sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in ALL areas including what I’m learning and how I live out what I’m learning.  I want to be a doer of what I learn and hear.

In conclusion: “So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord.”


My heart is full.  Saturday proved to be a perfect, full day.  I woke up thinking and tweeting: “sunny saturday and no plans as of yet. not sure how I feel about that…”

I started out by staying in bed for a bit and then going outside to embrace the sunshine.  I read and got a tan while laying on a combo of a sleeping bag, blanket, towel and three pillows with music playing in the background next to six different books (Wide Awake, Out of the Salt Shaker, Her Name is Woman, Christ In You, The Bible, Inner Healing).  I even had a blank canvas, paints, a journal, pens, and of course sunglasses.  I like to be prepared/going inside and up the stairs to get something is not an ideal interruption.

Somewhere along the way I decided to pile all my stuff on my stairs in case I decided to return to my spot on the porch after I made delicious sweet tea.  Sweet tea makes my heart happy and feel like summer.  Though, I never did make it back to lay on the porch.  Instead, I helped (Josh–a volunteer here for 10 days) make a sweet video in iMovie.  I am so using that to make some fun stuff.

Then I intended to go on a walk (with Jace), which was delayed due to hanging out and chatting.  Eventually, we (Jace, Allen, and I) made our way to the pond where we saw some poor, sad, dead frogs while discussing how dirty the pool looked and how we needed to get gloves before trying to shimmy down the zip line.  After the walk, we (Jace, Allen, Jen, and I) jumped into a game of Settlers, which made my heart happy since we hadn’t played it yet.  Then dinner, hanging out (most/all of the interns plus the volunteers), playing guitar on an adorable little guitar, talking about life, laughing, time for prayer (for Tara’s family–pray for them too!), and then we ended the day with watching Wolverine.  I even stayed awake and got in some discussion about how some characters have some bitter roots!

Thus, the day ended with the thought and tweet: “what an awesome full saturday that is ending with a full heart 🙂 praise God!”  I am so thankful for the people God has put around me during this time to walk with me and build me up during this time of re-learning, un-learning, and learning while embracing who I am in Him!

10 Places I Want to Be

1. Eating yummy food in the states (i.e. Panera, Chili’s, Trader Joe’s, Chinese food, etc.)

2. On top of a mountain

3. Curled up in my bed at home with my book and my puppy (Wide Awake by Erwin McManus)

4. Sitting on the deck with Amy G.

5. Walking with Carrie on the beach

6. Time Square with Liz

7. Target with Mom

8. At the library or a bookstore

9. A hot tub

10. Out on the lake

16 Things

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Matt Nathanson’s song Come on Get Higher
  2. I was told a horrible story about the dentist and didn’t go for like years. I still don’t like the dentist, but now I have one that gives me headphones and tv.
  3. I used to collect Boyds Bears. Yep. That’s all.
  4. My first job was at DQ. I can actually make cones which is exciting.
  5. I lived in Indiana for 4 years so sometimes I can pull out the slight southern accent.
  6. I really want to take a spin class. Maybe even teach work out classes someday!
  7. I have 0 unread posts in my reader.
  8. I love “butterflies” and butterflies 🙂
  9. I love love love reading. I just finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
  10. I’m going to see Twilight!
  11. I’m a pack rat. I still have all my notes from classes including High School, College, etc. Even notes from elementary school.
  12. I love having a desk, but hate sitting at it. I’d rather sit on my bed or the floor to do homework or anything.
  13. I can’t sit straight and normal–even at work. I like to sit cross-legged or with my feet on my computer tower. ridiculous, I know 🙂
  14. I currently have around 8 pillows and 5 blankets and two down comforters and flannel sheets on my bed.  And they’re on top of a feather bed
  15. I love making bowls and taking ceramics courses and being at the potter’s wheel or even handbuilding.  
  16. I’ve eat oatmeal almost everyday for breakfast this last month. I’m a bit obsessed. Before this, it was Special K with Red Berries. I go in streaks. I LOVE breakfast


Thanks for the fun idea, Tam!

Melty White Chocolate Amazingness and Moving

I’m in my new house! Such an odd feeling. I wish I had roommates…(thank goodness they’re coming soon!) I’m “borrowing” internet from someone nearby–thank you, thank you!  Hopefully we’ll have our own very soon because well I want internet!  My stuff is everywhere, but at least my bed and two couches are here 🙂  Part of me is dying inside at not having everything where it belongs–the other part knows that this isn’t going to happen tonight.  Although, I definitely have tons of decorating ideas running through my head.  Oh, and I got my super happy standing mirror back!!  Now I just want to paint my room too.  So many things to do.

On another happy note, I had the most amazing dessert ever.  White Chocolate Molten Cake from Chili’s.  If you’ve read any of this blog, you’ve probably heard how much I heart white chocolate so this revelation shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Anyway, I loved the mix of the super warm cake with melty white chocolate and then ice cream covered in white chocolate.  I might even get creative and try to make one sometime–seems like the recipe wouldn’t be too bad.

Well, I’m off to:

a.) read because I’ve given up on unpacking

b.) unpack because I want things put away

c.) sleep…such a long day of moving

d.) mixture of the top 3 or an “unknown”

Your vote?

Moving Day!

Wow…the day has finally arrived.  The realization still hasn’t “sunk in.”  So, I’m laying in bed being lazy.  I have my kitchen things packed and my office stuff already over there.  Now I just have to do lots of laundry and pack all the rest of the stuff… 

Well, I’m going to continue to be lazy for now 🙂 

Life has set in…

I’ve been wanting to blog for a few days, but I either haven’t set aside time or am tired or doing something else. 😦

Here’s a glimpse:

6:32 alarm goes off and I jump out of bed

6:34 Brush teeth, floss, ect.

6:45 Get out of shower and blow dry/do hair

6:58 Decide what to wear

7:05 Go downstairs and eat cereal (yum!)

7:10 Turn on Car and realize it’s SNOWING and I have leave right now

7:15 Finish cereal and leave for work

9:00 Arrive at work an hour late…..I hate snow and car accidents

5:30pm Leave work and drive to oil appt.

6:20 Get to oil place and wait

8:00 Oil, headlight and wipers are FINALLY done

8:20 Get to Bethel to work out

8:50 Leave Bethel–short work out 😦

9:02 Arrive at Project Runway party

10:40 Leave party

10:50 Get home and get ready for bed

11:00 Go to bed

So there you have it… Surprisingly, I didn’t go home from 6:30am to 10:50pm. Thank goodness this isn’t normal!