Weekend Recap

We had such an (almost) perfect weekend!  I went to bed last night thinking that I am pretty blessed to be able to be here in this season and am very thankful.  Not to say that there aren’t tough spots…because there definitely are!  But this little face sure helps as do other good people in my life!


Yeahhh…I like him!

I started Saturday off with a great run/walk!  I ran a mile in 9:15 (with Asher & the stroller!!) so that was pretty exciting and then we walked about 2 more miles.  Plus, the weather was that perfect mix of summer and fall.  We were able to get up early enough to enjoy the morning while still having the rest of the day.  Our Saturday afternoon included reading books while Asher napped.  I finally have started the final book in the Wheel of Time series and I am loving remembering all the characters as well as the plot lines.  I am glad to have a fun fiction book to read!  I’m hoping to try out one of JoJo Moyes books next since I keep hearing such good things about them.  My husband has been enjoying some of Brandon Sanderson’s books, which are also fun reads. 

This Sunday was the last one before I jump into the fall schedule with our 1-6th graders.  I am looking forward to getting back to teaching.  I have missed hanging out with the kiddos on Sunday mornings, but I have so loved being in service and hanging out as a family during church (for the most part…I mean the husband drums so we aren’t together the full service, but we take what we can get!).  I’ve gathered some fun curriculums and will be going over them this week in prep for Sunday. Any great curriculums or lessons that you guys love to use?

Later in the afternoon, we got together with some friends for a hike/walk at a nearby park.  I am thankful for friends in a similar life stage who have babies close in age to Asher.  While they can’t really play together, it’s still fun to take out the strollers and get outside.  

Dinner, Asher’s bedtime, ice cream (mmm, Breyer’s natural vanilla bean is our choice lately if we don’t splurge on Ben & Jerry’s) , and good conversations ended our night.


Asher is not quite sure what to think of the vibrations from the electric toothbrush during bath time. Ha!

Here goes to tackling another week!  

How was your weekend?

2 Months!

2 Months

What we’ve learned…this month, we’ve learned how to make our little man smile, that he LOVES a pacifier, some tips and tricks to cloth diapering, to add in a bedtime routine, about how to have him come along to places (he did a great job during the Duathlon races!!), and how we are pretty ridiculous about how cute we think he is.  

What we’re enjoying right now…going on family walks, our bedtime routine, longer sleeping times at night, days where the weather has been just warm enough without being super warm, the kick n play piano, seeing Asher smile, and eating!  I’ve even gotten out on quite a few runs this past month too, which has felt awesome.  I’m excited to keep running this fall!

What our biggest struggles are…finding balance between all the things we want to do!  We’re working on figuring out what we can say yes to and areas we need to cut back.  

Asher’s most exciting milestones are…smiling! Smiling more for us and for other people too!  He’s also sleeping awesome! Lots of cooing and cute little sounds. More head control too!  We are now into size 2 diapers and definitely out of newborn clothes.  Most of our clothes are 0-3 months, but there are some that are 3-6 months.  

What we are looking forward to…our doctors appointment, nice fall weather, and date nights!

Asher’s likes and dislikes…he loves car rides, tummy time and just time on his kick n play piano (but not for too long!), walks, people talking to him, music, kicking, eating, and sometimes he likes bath time.   Dislikes include being hungry, the bright sun, when the stroller stops moving, and being overtired.

What sleep looks like…we are getting up usually between 2-4 and then again at about 6 or 7.  We have a fun little bedtime routine where he gets to take a bath and then get dressed for bed, swaddled, and then eats one more time before going to bed around 9.  He’s sleeping mostly for about 5-7 hours at his longest stretch.  The longest he went was a little over 8 hours.  The hardest part is for me to be able to get back to sleep for a little bit after he wakes up the first time!

What we’re eating…for Asher, still milk and still mostly about every 2 hours throughout the day except for one longer nap in the afternoon.  For the rest of us, we’ve had our share of omelets, sandwiches, pizza, steamed vegetables, quinoa, granola bars, and lots of ice cream!  We ate out at Bistro, Bennigans, Great Hunan, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Jimmy Johns, and Subway.  I am definitely way more hungry now than when I was pregnant! And thirsty too!

Who we have seen…a lot of people at the baby showers and even more at the Duathlon races!  My brother, Tom, came to visit this last week too!  New places we have been include Bistro, Bennigans, and Discovery school for the races. 

At the last doctor appointment…we learned Asher weighs about 11 pounds.  This was at my 5-6 week appointment.  When Tom was here we did the little scale trick where we hold him and then figure out his weight.  He is probably around 13 pounds right now and seems about 22 inches.  We will find out at the next appointment to see what he really is!

Weekend Highlights

This past weekend we had such a fun time since we are finally feeling better!  

We started Friday off by going to a birthday party for some awesome people from church.  I’m always curious to see how these things will go now that we’ve got a baby in tow.  He did great though and was pretty content the whole time!  Plus, I’ve realized that I just love seeing other people love him.  Our pastor’s daughter and our worship leader got to hold him quite a bit and he loved it!  I am so incredibly thankful for all these awesome people in his life and for how they bless our family.  I totally need to get more pictures of him with other people though!  Too often I don’t get my camera out.

Saturday was a day that turned out different than the first plan, but it worked!  We had wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market and go to their community breakfast, but then we saw it was raining and we had been slow at getting ready anyway.  So, that plan went out the window and we went instead to eat breakfast in town.  Then we ran some errands and I did some work at church before getting home to my much needed nap!  The longer stretches Asher sleeps at night makes it harder for me to go right back to bed sometimes.  Though, I am NOT complaining about him sleeping longer!  I will take my 6 and a half hours of sleep in a row whenever he will give it to me!  


(these are from a couple of weeks ago, but he’s just so cute and funny when he sleeps!)

Sunday meant getting ready for church and getting there in time for worship practice.  After church we hung around a bit and then Ryan’s aunt came over with a present for Asher.  Visiting time, nap time, and then family walk time all before our fun bedtime routine.  For bedtime, we’ve started giving Asher a bath and sometimes reading a little.  It’s pretty much my favorite. 


(blurry but I just love how he rests his hand on the stroller strap!)

All in all, a perfectly good weekend and now we’re back into the Monday routine with the husband off at work…but at least I got to go out to lunch with Asher, the husband, and my mom today!  And eat the most delicious greek grain salad and tomato bisque soup…mmmm. 

How was your weekend?