a million lifetimes

teaching little kids, teaching college classes, working with college kids, owning a coffee shop while making the mugs myself, planting a church, moving to another country, running an orphanage, working at a fitness place, making and decorating cakes, running a women’s shelter, counseling, social work, working outside, leading missions teams, getting married, teaching english as a second language, discipleship, going to seminary, getting a phd, writing a novel, writing for a newspaper or magazine, working as an editor, working for the un, being an ambassador, involved in international development, working at an embassy,  mentoring, learning guitar, learning piano, teaching tennis, running a marathon, running a marathon on the great wall of china, learning how to snowboard/down hill ski well, learning web design, learn how to drive stick, learn to swing dance, do triathlons, designing flip flops, writing a bible study, owning and running a bakery, living on a beach and running on the beach, wearing flip flops year round, planning parties, studying astronomy, see solar and lunar eclipses, being a photographer, traveling around the world being a food critic or a a photographer, teaching overseas, peace corps, facilitating an internship program, climbing K2 and other big mountains, own horses, own a big fluffy white dog, see the wonders of the world, being a house parent, adopting, living in a tree house, backpacking across the US/Europe/etc, founding a ministry, running an after-school program for kids, running youth camps, and well probably a lot more, but there’s a random list 🙂

ht: joy in the journey, lulled by the train