I Can.

Running on base proves to be a little tricky here because I’m not a huge fan of hills.  I avoid them if at all possible.  I much prefer running downhill or on flat ground.  Lately, running proved to be a struggle since I took a week off for Cape Town and then was sick for a while during Family Days.  I’m just now trying to get back into the groove of things.  Though, I’ve been frustrated with my lack of motivation and lack of results.  I hadn’t ran in two days and then started talking with another intern, Allen, about running last night and the upcoming Flatberg race (15k including going up a mountain…).  The conversation gave me the drive to finally get out and complete a “good” run.

I started out this morning determined to get up and go.  I set my alarm and was out the door by 6:05 a.m. with my iPod Nike+ set to a distance of 7k.  About 2k into my run, I got this ridiculous idea that I shouldn’t just run 7k, but, no, I should run a 10k.  Mind you, the farthest I’ve ran in the last week or two has been around 35 minutes.  But, when I decide something that’s that.  So, I kept running and running.  Being bored, I did some run there and then run back along with some circles in the field.  Basically, I did everything possible to not go up hill and still complete a 10k.  All of that to say that I did.  I ran 10.02k in 55:30 min. which translates into a 5:32 min/km pace or a 8:54 min./mile.  This was only 1 minute slower than the 10k I ran in July. Woot!  For being out of practice, I was happy.  Also, I was reminded of the power of determination, persistence, and the need to set my eyes on an achievable goal while not letting my feelings get in the way or let my mind start believing the lies of “I can’t.”

So, what’s been your greatest accomplishment this week?

Still Here Waiting…

My head automatically tries to see everything from all sorts of angles.  For example, a simple decision about whether I should go to the Lion Park turns into a litany of streaming thought: if I go then I won’t have as much time to run, but then I might be missing out on hanging out with people and then again I would have to get up early and maybe I need to just have a day where I can do whatever I want, although, I don’t always get these opportunities to do things off base so maybe I should jump on it, but I like to sleep in and it is a day off and well I don’t know.  I play out all the pros and cons.  Sometimes this can be a great help when really weighing in on decisions, but other times I end up torn between the choices and pondering for a while.

Then on the other hand, I make a decision and that’s that.  There’s no question.  I will follow through and there’s no wavering.  Before I started running yesterday, I decided to run a 10k.  So I did.  I decide to climb a rock.  So I do.  No matter the cost, the time, the sacrifice, I follow through with the decision.

I live in this juxtaposition of knowing exactly what I want and yet seeing all the implications of all the potential choices.  Yet, as I’ve written about before.  I’m in a time of waiting.  I would much rather go find all the choices and play out the scenarios in my head so I can at least be torn over them and then decide.  Instead, I trust, I rest, I ask, I set my eyes, I wait.

My Days Are Full

Last weekend provided a much needed breath of fresh air.  The rain tends to be a downer during the week, but during the weekend the weather thus far has been absolutely gorgeous!  Today, Sunday, I woke up without an alarm kind of early, which was nice.  I knew I was going running, but then once I got dressed I decided to make it a 10k.  I ran the first 5k went great and I had a time of about 27 minutes.  Then I gave myself a bit of a break and walked for 4 minutes and then ran the rest of the 10k.  I finished under an hour–my goal!  Felt great and I ate oatmeal with brown sugar after drinking a lot of water.  Then we had planned to go on a picnic on top of the mountain at around 11:30.  So, we hiked up Everest and ate lunch and laid out in the sun.  The view was gorgeous and it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  To top it all off, we took a dip in one of the ponds (I miss lakes…) and now we’re going to make enchiladas for dinner!  There’s my day for you….how was yours?

love heartlove heart on top of the mountain


Human Race

Not going to lie….I REALLY want to do this.  How cool!?  All those runners, all over the world, all running a 10k.  If I can find someone to roadtrip to Chicago with me, I’m totally in.  If not, then I might just have to run it here.  Would you “just do it”? 🙂