At the end of the day, when my little family puts up with my silly ideas of fitting everyone on the green chair for a picture, when the puppy is sleeping on me, when I get to watch my man play with our little man, when I get to hold them all close, and when I get to breathe in all the pieces of this life that’s when I feel a glimpse of resting in being the beloved wife, mommy, and puppy owner that I am. They love me well.




Friday Faves

Here are a few of the things I’m loving lately… ūüôā

1.¬†I totally loved starting the week off with going to a gender reveal party for my sweet friend who is home from Germany! ¬†Her little girl is adorable as well and she’s getting a little brother! ¬†I’m looking forward to having her home for the next few weeks! ¬†Oh and now I’m even more excited now to find out what we are having! ¬†Oh and notice that almost 34 week bump I’m sporting there…yep. hello baby!

2. These puppies are hilarious.  They definitely are fighting for dominance and love to fight over the spot underneath my chair.  Though, they were able to play tug of war with each other.  Boaz takes on the bully of an older brother role and likes to flaunt any and all toys that he picks up.  He also uses his speed to get away whenever needed.  Oh puppies!


3. I saw this sign outside of Kohl’s and loved it! ¬†This little reminder is such a good one for me. ¬†I love keeping in mind that when I am saying no to some things…oftentimes, I am saying no so that I can say YES to something else that I believe is important or valuable. ¬†Plus, getting to say yes to things you love is pretty much the best. ¬†IMG_7868

4. Boaz is in for such a surprise when this little baby comes! ¬†I’ve been having fun getting more baby things and getting ready. ¬†Well, let’s be honest. ¬†We’ve mainly just gotten the “important” things…a Bob jogging stroller, car seat, and this sweet Nuna Sena. Everything else has been given to us. ¬†Let’s just say that my mom is beyond excited for her first grand baby. ¬†I’m still searching for that perfect going home outfit. ¬†I figure I can’t control much, but I can control having one of those! ¬†Any favorite places to buy baby clothes!?IMG_7852

5. I’ve also been loving working on this puzzle and even finishing it! ¬†There was a ton of blue sky and water, which made some of the pieces difficult, but not too bad. ¬†Plus, there were pieces that glowed in the dark. ¬†Super cool. ¬†IMG_7855That’s what I’ve been loving lately. ¬†Oh and warmer weather finally!

What about you? What would be on your list?


Friday Love

A few of the things I’m loving lately…

1. Walks with puppies. ¬†Can they get any cuter!? Plus, let’s just be honest. ¬†My husband is like the dog whisperer times twenty. ¬†When I took them both on a walk without him, things were a bit crazier!¬†IMG_7667IMG_7657IMG_76622. Ellie Holcomb‘s music.

3. Nike+ Training Club App. ¬†Fun workouts that you can do at home–yes, please!

4. Tons of baby kicks and jabs and pushes ūüôā (oh and note the sunglasses on my head…there may be snow, but I’m ready for spring and summer!)

IMG_76705. I made this fun little reminder with my word for the year. ¬†Now, we’ve got Joy, Trust, Celebrate, Free, and Open around the house! ¬†IMG_7671



be delicate: what I learned in march

Now, I know that in terms of days,¬†March technically only has 3 days more than February…though,¬†this year I’ve deemed this the longest month ever. ¬†With lingering snow storms, I’m a little weary of March and hoping that April might hold more promise—I’m not holding my breath, though! ¬†I keep thinking that at least by the time this little baby comes we likely will have grass. ¬†Right? ¬†Grass by June/July seems reasonable. ¬†In other news, I’ve let a whole month slip by without a single blog post but hey I’m here again linking up. ¬†April just might be a good month for all sorts of things (blogging and sunshine!). ¬†Until then…here’s what I learned in March!

1. I may say that I am Boaz’s favorite…but here is some evidence that sometimes this crazy dog prefers the husband over me. ¬†Either way, that dog loves to be close.

IMG_7567 IMG_7569


2. Trader Jo’s oreo shakes…yes please! ¬†Apparently, I’m rather particular about the thickness of my shakes. ¬†We followed a recipe for these and let me tell you, I was not impressed. ¬†So, I did what only made sense and started adding more ingredients. ¬†After using all of the oreos, some cookie butter, and a whole lot of ice, they finally were closer to what I preferred. ¬†In the end, I determined I just plain prefer ice cream in my shakes. ¬†IMG_7615

3. Community and vulnerability are good for my heart. ¬†I went to a workshop/conference for a few days and even got to get creative and use some markers to share bits of my story (hence the color covered hand). ¬†Life is messy and beautiful. ¬†A few weeks after going, I found myself embracing the little phrase “be delicate.” ¬†My head is still rolling this around and my heart is tugging at the seams when thinking about it. So often, I don’t show my delicate, tender, and soft side. ¬†I don’t know where it will lead, but all that to say, that March has thrown that phrase into my vocabulary (and I rediscovered my love for picmonkey for editing and adding words to pictures).

IMG_7585be delicate4. This verse. Such goodness. ¬†This month has exposed some of my “scorched places” and I am so thankful for a God who brings the rain and is with me in the fire. ¬†Isaiah 58:11.¬†IMG_7618

5. I could put sprinkles on just about everything and be a happy girl.

IMG_7635 IMG_7656

6. This bump has gotten out of control and we still have 14 weeks to go! ¬†March became the month of the baby bump popping out and me finally gaining some weight. ¬†And let’s just say. ¬†Baby still loves to move a ton. ¬†ūüôāIMG_6980

6 weeks above and almost 26 weeks below.IMG_76437. Lastly, I finally ¬†figured out a way to organize and clean up my camera roll! ¬†I deleted all of the photos off my camera roll this morning…first time, I have had an empty camera roll probably since I got this phone! ¬†For some reason, my syncing hasn’t been quite great at deleting them after I imported them to iPhoto. ¬†So, I didn’t know what I had on iPhoto and what I didn’t. ¬†Either way, I made sure I had backed them up and had everything in order before deleting. ¬†But let me tell you. ¬†That thing was full! ¬†I may or may not be a photo hoarder (2000ish photos later).

There you have it. ¬†My random bits from March. ¬†I’m hoping these next few days fly by and then April brings sunshine, showers, and pretty flowers.

What did you learn in March?





What I Learned-February

I had so much fun writing last months “What I learned” that I thought I would jump on board again this time! ¬†February really felt like a short month and yet I definitely feel like there were a lot of big learning curves as well as fun things to learn too!

1. The Olympics are my favorite, but I learned that I do have a limit of watching…I eventually hit the: “We need to do something else!” stage! ¬†But all in all, I loved being able to see the athletes and the competition. ¬†Plus, my husband likes them too! Even Boaz loved all the times he got to either “watch” or sleep on us.


Boaz is so high maintenance.

2. There are SO many baby options for everything. I’ve started bookmarking a few things and my Pinterest page is growing!

3. This baby loves to move and I am in love with baby feet.  One of my favorite ultrasound pictures definitely was the one with cute little feet.  Not too surprising because I have always taken feet pictures wherever I travel.

photo 2

Speaking of, I’m ready to be back in Africa… ūüôā

4. I definitely have a bump and people have noticed. Maternity clothes are around the corner.  Not yet, but definitely soon!


Oh and how cute is this picture with my husband.
image 2

5. My limit of handling winter is getting shorter.  I am longing for walks and runs outside.

6. It’s okay to spend money to take care of me (even when I’d rather spend the money elsewhere!) and to do things afraid.¬†I definitely had to be¬†open to making this decision and to God’s promptings.

7. Downton Abbey turned into a perfect thing to watch while on the treadmill with Boaz! And I will say that I was thankful for a “happier” ending than last season.


8. Communication is ever a learning process, but worth the hard work.

9. Even though February is a “short” month, we totally used all of our grocery budget to make good food early in the month. ¬†Next month, I might need to spread things out a bit!


10. This salad dressing is delicious. 

11. The book of Numbers hasn’t been nearly as hard to read as I thought it would be this time around and I am loving reading Romans this month. ¬†(I’ve been using this plan since I think July last year and have been more or less reading a day or two or three at a time. ¬†I love getting to read out of 4 different books each day.)

12.¬†Baby names are hard to pick! ¬†But I am loving all the potential names and options…I may or may not be a name hoarder.

What did you learn this month?



Forgive me for the picture overload…but here’s my catch-all post of all the fun things that have been going on lately. ¬†This week has felt like a nice breath of fresh hair and we have our 20 week ultrasound tomorrow!! ¬†So hello getting to see baby again. ¬†We definitely have been a little spoiled in getting to see this baby at 12 weeks and a full detailed ultrasound at 14 weeks too. ¬†I am definitely in denial that we’re halfway there!


Confession. ¬†I don’t think I’ve ever actually made full on homemade lasagna before, but now I can say that I have! ¬†Above is a nice little mixture of ricotta cheese, mozzarella, spinach, and some eggs. ¬†Not sure why they added eggs…maybe to keep it together? I’d definitely try it without for fun if I ever make this again! ¬†Below was the even more fun part of actually putting the lasagna together! ¬†I totally made WAY too many noodles, but oh well.

Hello baby bump. ¬†Whether I want it or not, this little baby is making an appearance on the outside now too. ¬†People who know me are noticing. Ek! ¬†I’m a little in denial about this too. I can’t say I’ve ever been one of those people who have looked forward to having a baby bump. ¬†Maybe it’ll grow on me. ¬†This is at least one of my fave pictures so far. ¬†Plus, I do love feeling the little baby moving and pushing in there! ¬†This little baby seems to love music (well assuming the baby can hear the music! “They” say he/she can on all those crazy baby apps…) or the other alternative is that he/she just doesn’t like when I have my seat warmer on when I’m in the car and is trying to get away from the heat! Ha.
Olympics!!! Boaz is just as into these Olympic games as we are. ¬†Well he’s either watching with full attention or he’s sleeping on us. This is how we’re spending most evenings lately…


These two are my favorite. ¬†And don’t let Boaz fool you…he’s getting ready to try to lick Ryan. ¬†He’s just so kind like that.¬†IMG_7481

Hello baked chimichangas. ¬†So delicious. ¬†Guacamole is my favorite too. ¬†I’m SO glad I can eat tomatoes again and that the little baby isn’t revolting every time I do. ¬†That was definitely a not so fun part of the first trimester. ¬†I love some good Mexican food.¬†IMG_7485

Here’s another bump picture. ¬†Don’t mind all the nail polish–adds character ūüôāIMG_7488

I’ve spent the last week or two devouring my grandmother’s journal and I’ve loved it! ¬†This little note from her mother/aunt (she lived with her aunt and uncle and called them mother and father) was such a perfect reminder to make moments glorious. ¬†IMG_7497

Oh and another Boaz one where he’s camped out at the end of the couch sleeping with his head on the table. ¬†He’s been extra cuddly and sleepy this week. ¬†I’m loving it. ¬†We sit and read the Bible, read books, journal, write, and generally enjoy our slow mornings. ¬†We’ll see what this looks in like 4 and a half months! ¬†For now, I’m soaking it up!IMG_7500

Yep. He’s cute.¬†IMG_7501

This little baby is so loved. ¬†Already getting Valentine’s day cards.IMG_7502So there you have my crazy catch-all post with all sorts of randomness. ¬†I recently found my “Love your life” journal that I hadn’t finished from 2012 (the year of celebrate!) and I started writing in there again so in a way this post was just an overflow from there. ¬†I love looking back see all that the Lord has done. ¬†So much faithfulness even in the midst of pain, heartache, hurt, and frustration. ¬†The Lord is good.

Saturday Love

Here’s a nice little weekly round-up/picture catch-all/fun post for you to enjoy on your Saturday. ¬†I’m mostly napping and catching up on some Downton Abbey today…I might sneak to a coffee shop for a treat later. ūüôā

Sunroofs and sunglasses always make a day better even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Hello Minnesota winters.IMG_7387

At least somebody has fun running in the snow ūüôāIMG_7379

Meanwhile, I try to convince Boaz that we can just go on the treadmill and that I get to read…he’s kind of a fan, but I’m sure he would rather go faster.¬†IMG_7372

this sign in my office is always a good reminder…this week: be open to what I need and be willing to ask for it.IMG_7362

my pretty new planner! While I would have loved one of Kelly Rae Roberts, this little one will do the trick since hers sold out so fast!¬†IMG_7363I’m working my way through this now that I don’t have graduate school. ¬†I’m learning about vowels right now!

back to my lazy saturday…. ūüôā


Oh Boaz :)



In case you happen to not be big on Instagram or Facebook, you might have missed out on this little picture that got posted this weekend. ¬†And let me tell you. ¬†I’ve been laughing about this picture since we took it. ¬†Not to mention that I was laughing while we were trying to get the “perfect” picture. ¬†This was probably like picture #73 or something crazy (granted, I used some fast action hold the button down to take a bunch at once, but still). ¬†In the end, I was so happy that he did mostly cooperate and that we got a fun picture!

Either way. ¬†This was our second pose/position and Boaz decided all on his own to hold the “baby” by the foot. ¬†I’m a fan. ¬†The foot action adds to the hilariousness of the photo.

Since you all are here, you get in on some of the hilarious pictures that didn’t make the cut.


Ha! One of the first “interactions.” Baby CPR?

Yep…my wait command is not working as Boaz shakes his head…


This was a option #1 before we saw the greatness of the picture we picked. IMG_7288And the husband is the expert at getting him to obey.  He walked away after this and walked to where the dog was looking the right away and hello sweet, hilarious picture!

So, yes. I’m thrilled, we’re thrilled, and we’re in for a crazy journey come summer when we get to add Baby Z to the mix! ¬† Boaz is in for quite the surprise….! ¬†I’ve been praying often that Baby Z and Boaz will become fast friends.

Friday Round Up

I’ve been enjoying reading these blog posts…

Read This and Change Your Parenting Experience Forever by Momastery

–I so appreciate the reminder that people are only acting/saying/doing things “AT ME” when I buy into that thinking…let’s be honest, people don’t think about me that much! ¬†Plus, everyone is typically doing the best they can for their family and every family makes decisions that work for their own family. ūüôā

5 Reasons Social Media is Dangerous for Me by Momastery (I just found her blog recently so I’m on a kick)

–I am absolutely guilty of being an Input Junkie. ¬†Input is one of my Strengths from Strengths Finder and let’s just say I love gathering information and reading. ¬†Not a bad thing, but I can take it to an extreme. ¬†And well Facebook and Instragram are on my list of things I do when I’m bored. ¬†Some of these reasons link into why I’ve been much more quiet on social media this last year…plus, I’ve been soaking up moments as they come instead of posting on them. ¬†Though, I agree too with her that social media can be an awesome, uplifting, fun thing! So, here’s to 2014 being a year of figuring out what works for me while not totally going dark.

OmniGames: Day 2 by Peanut Butter Fingers aka Julie Fagan

–I’m ready to go and join the Columbia OmniGames! I loved seeing all the awesome things they got to do and the ropes course looked terrifying but totally fun! ¬†Even though I’m not a big fan of winter, these made it look fun!

Pinterest Inspiration

Lemon Blueberry Marble Cakecan we just say blueberries are amazingly delicious…!

Peach Raspberry Swirlyeahhh…I miss summer.

A Million Little Waysadded this baby to my readable list…I love art!


Matthew 7:8 For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.

Picture of the Week


Currently Reading

Chasing God by Angie Smith

A Confident Heart by Renee Swope

7 Things to Be Thankful for This Week…

*Vulnerability with my husband even if I sometimes hate it.

*Sleepy puppies

*New recipes to try and meal planning

*Church family

*Friends to text and talk to

*4 wheel drive



Your turn! What would you include in your Friday Round Up?!




Productive Days

Let’s be honest…December was a whirlwind and definitely not my most productive month of the year. ¬†Between all the family get togethers, present buying, not feeling the best….not much got done. ¬†Thankfully, we got to eat out and to eat at other people’s houses, which was such a blessing! ¬†Now, January, on the other hand, always seems to be my “go to” month. ¬†I typically start off the year with ambitious plans and resolutions (I kept mine extra simple this year and didn’t even include too many lists! And I just love my word. Open.). ¬†I love new beginnings and starts. ¬†Plus, the weather is just plain cold so it translates to perfect weather to get things done inside!

Here are a few of the things that have been keeping me busy…


I LOVE handwritten cards.  I am so thankful that my parents (even when we totally hated it) made us write thank-you cards for gifts.  There is much to be said about being thankful and taking the extra time to express it.

I’m not always prompt on my response time for cards, but I’m adamant about doing them! ¬†These were a mixture of birthday thank-you’s, Christmas thank-you’s, and a few happy notes. ¬†Besides, who can resist cute, bright, colorful cards!?

Hello Lasagna Soup! This was another Pinterest find. ¬†I totally did not follow the recipe…I only had 2 cups of Vegetable broth instead of the 6 cups (they said chicken stock, but same difference). ¬†A little water helped make up the difference. ¬† I had pasta sauce instead of tomato paste and fire roasted tomatoes. ¬†I didn’t take the time to cut an onion (I needed my one onion for another recipe this week!) and I more or less threw in whatever felt right for all the spices. ¬†I am NOT going to be nominated for the person who can follow a recipe or be known to measure correctly. ¬†However, this was delicious!! I even told my husband that I was excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow. ¬†I am a total sucker for ricotta cheese so that was a highlight! Here’s the link for the original recipe…I would guess that it is just as good if you follow the actual recipe! Plus, if you like meat…there’s sausage! (I opted out of that one!)


Boaz and I have been rocking out on the treadmill! ¬†He prefers outside, but I’m a wimp and I like to read and walk. ūüôā I started A Confident Heart by Renee Swope! ¬†I’m also pumped to dive into Angie Smith’s books–What Women Fear and Chasing God! ¬†This is going to be a good year for books.IMG_7302Lastly, my domestic diva qualities (well…really a facebook post that said this was super easy and running out of my own almond milk and happening to have extra almonds) led me to believe I should try making my own Almond milk! ¬†I was impressed with how easy and fast everything went! ¬†I need to work on perfecting the taste, but other than that I am a BIG fan! ¬†Separating the milk and almond meal was my only not so favorite thing, but other than that, I approve! ¬†I’m eyeing a few recipes to try out with the leftover almond meal too…so I’ll keep you posted!

That’s what is keeping me busy around here! Other than work and spending time with the husband, of course. ūüôā

What have you been up to!? Any suggestions for recipes or crafts or projects or books for me to try!?