Monday Musings

 I thought it’d be fun to look back at my camera roll and grab a picture from around this date as many years back as I could go!  Fun to see what I was doing in each moment.   2015–Helping make dinner.      Bountiful baskets competition in 2014!   Pretty fall leaves in 2013. I was … Continue reading Monday Musings

mama lion

I would see him sometimes. Waiting in the kitchen. Sitting in the stiff backed chair. He wore a blue uniform. My eyes leapt on him like a mama lion. Defiantly, I kept walking to capture as many moments of love as I could.  Until they called his name, my baby was mine. We were inseparable. … Continue reading mama lion


I find him lurking on the sidelines.  Treading water near the shoreline.  Near enough to go by unnoticed yet close enough to leap into the moment when the opportunity arises.  I don’t like when he stops by…especially unannounced.  He is unwelcome. unwanted. wholly part of the old.  He brings me down and brings on the … Continue reading shame