Canon is 4 and Arrow is 2!

  • Canon’s…
  • Favorite Foods: pizza, ice cream, pineapple, buttered toast
  • Favorite Color: Blue and pink and black
  • Favorite Book: Paw patrol
  • Favorite Song: Cinderella
  • Favorite Movie/Show: Paw patrol
  • Favorite Animal: Asher’s stuffed snake
  • Favorite sports: Tennis
  • Favorite toy: Legos
  • Favorite thing to play: Legos
  • Favorite place to go: Africa
  • Job he wants: I don’t know. I like cleaning up legos.
  • Place he wants to visit: Grandma Nancy’s
  • Favorite Bible story: Pharaoh
  • Friends: Arrow and Asher and Melea
  • Arrow’s…
  • Favorite Foods: butter, cookie butter, toast, pizza
  • Favorite Book: Construction books, train books
  • Favorite Movie/Show: Paw patrol
  • Favorite toy: Cars, legos
  • Favorite Bible story: David and Goliath

Canon, I love watching you grow! You learned so much this year. Your Lego creations impress me and you use your creativity as well as take into account engineering elements. You say such fun and funny things. You can be so serious and go after what you want. You know how to use your voice and even say that God gave you super loud noises to use. We have built train tracks and forts. You’ve kept me company while I did many hours of landscaping rock. You are still quite the chef and had fun making your cakes. You bring me such joy with you being you! May this next year be full of adventure.

Arrow! Wait. You’re not a baby anymore and you’re already 2! I love seeing you grow. You repeat so many words and know so many words. You communicate well and are learning to speak up for your needs. You have a good: “____ did it” when it come to sibling squabbles. You still snuggle close and love to rub your own head. You’re rocking one afternoon nap and going to bed around 8pm. I love your sweet hugs. You are quick to be independent and don’t usually look for a hand to hold but you will hold my hand if I ask. You have a good start on playing with legos and trains. And of course you’re good at taking things apart. You know how to let us know you’re hungry and love picking out what food. You had a cast this year and I’m grateful that you rocked it and are already back to mostly normal. You climb anything and sometimes I ask you to come lower because it feels high to me. You are a joy and I’m so grateful to have you in our family. Keep being you.