August Writing Prompt #4

Words Matter

Sometimes I wonder what words of mine rumble around in other people’s heads. I know there are words and situations that pop up for me even when it has been years after they happened or sometimes they’re from last week. Some are fun, happy memories and others leave me with that pit in my stomach feel of not knowing how they could say that or not say anything. They remind me to speak as kindly as I can because words stick. I know I have fallen short and I get to choose what to do with the words from others. I am invited into doing the work of forgiveness and the practice of clinging to the words from the Lord—He gets the final say.

August Writing Prompts #3

What do you do for fun?

Running, hiking, walking, and being outside are my go-to fun activities! Lately, I have been hitting the trails for runs. This season has required some flexibility in scheduling so I’ve come to love early morning and late evening runs to keep my mind and body happy. Though, really, any run or hike brings me joy. I always am happy I went afterwards even if I feel intimidated beforehand.

Adventure and exploring new places are high on my list of things that bring me fun. Looking at plane tickets, dreaming, and planning trips are all part of the fun. I love researching the details of places to eat and things to do.

Books definitely come into my for fun category! Reading a book I can’t put down, a cookbook, a travel book, a Christian book, leadership book, WW2, historical fiction, biography, fantasy, and others. I like variety and have grown to be more selective as I’ve gotten older. I’ve read 31 books so far this year.

Throwing pottery on the wheel and even this last year I grew to love hand building.

Cooking, baking, and trying new recipes.

Quality time with my people. Give me time to talk, play a game, or just hang out with those I love and I am very happily having fun.

August Writing Prompts #2

What is your pace in this season? How do you feel about it?

When I think about this season’s pace, speed work and hill runs come to mind. We have specific goals and deadlines we are trying to hit but are needing to put in the work to be ready. Our basement and house projects are cruising along but then we hit a hill that takes a bit longer to tackle. Supply issues, scheduling, and life with four littles are some of those hills. Yet, we are still showing up to do the work and run hard and fast while we can.

I’m feeling a bit sad that this summer has not been one full of camping, travel, and quality time. I have a little bit of hope that this season will come to an end and we will see a finished house ready. Throw in some feelings of stress and overwhelm as we navigate finances, time management, and decisions. Add in a lot of decisions to be content, prayerful, trusting, cheerful, and keep my gaze on the Lord.

August Writing Prompts

1. Observe

I shut my eyes and I can feel the dirt underneath my feet as I keep making my way down the road. Everyone else is occupied and I am out by myself. The African sun is high above me and I work my way downhill. I am running toward the gate past the classroom and the other houses. The road bends and there might be some old pavers peaking through to help cars make their way up. My eyes are open taking in all the scenery has to offer but my mind is still focused elsewhere. I am mulling over the lesson during class. The ideas seem so foreign but I feel hunger for more. I did not know what was possible or that this was even a gift for today. Logic threatened to keep me held back but my heart wanted to try. I reasoned that at worst nothing would happen and at least no one was there to point it out. So, I opened my mouth and tried.

Asher is 8!

Real life! Army guys and Lincoln logs in the background.
Army guy strawberry cupcakes
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza, chicken strips, bananas foster, milkshakes, toast, rice pudding
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Book: Warriors, Dog Man, I survived, Hazardous Tales
  • Favorite Song: None
  • Favorite Movie/show: Dinotrux, Rescue Riders Dragons, Ninja Star Wars, The Nut Job, Open Season 2
  • Favorite Animal: dogs
  • Favorite sports: Basketball and golf
  • Favorite toy: Model boats, army guys, airplanes, books
  • Favorite thing to play: Army guys
  • Favorite place to go: Grandma’s house
  • Job he wants: General in the Navy
  • Place he wants to visit: Acadia National Park
  • Favorite Bible story: David and Goliath
  • Friends: Xavier, Rudy, Ezra, Phillip

Another year has passed and you’re that much closer to double digits! First grade was filled with all sorts of adventures. You missed some things because of us being sick but you got to do the Marathon and the Spring musical. You took off reading and say that you can read books like water. You grew two more inches and already weigh 60lb! We finally let you switch your car seat to a booster. Your Lego creations, army setups, and creativity are fun to see!

Asher, I see you as bold, fun, intense, thoughtful, kind, and creative. I love seeing the games you make up and how you are always wanting to come up with another plan or adventure. You go up to librarians to ask for help, you seek out others, and love to play. You tell us when we are overreacting and are good at showing your own emotions. You got glasses this year but don’t always remember to wear them. You had fun in basketball, tennis, golf, and swimming lessons! You were not too sure about going off the diving board but you did awesome naming your limits and trying what you could. You are definitely ready for us to be done fixing the house since you seem to love quality time. I love spending time with you too. You’re my best Asher. I’m excited to see what God has for you in this next year.