Arrow 8,9,&10

Oops! Time flies when summer is here and all the things are happening. So, I’m jumping in with a 3 month update.

What we have learned…you are awesome at camping and hiking and going along on our adventures. You have such a fun personality and we love seeing it come out. From your loud noises to your little smile to raising your eyebrows at us, you bring us joy!

What we are enjoying…that you are along for the ride fully now! You eat pretty much what we do and you love to explore and play. We love being with you!

We are struggling with…keeping you from eating dirt and all the things! You want to crawl everywhere and taste all the things. You do put up more of a fuss about going in the car seat sometimes and you’re a pro at rolling away from diaper changes.

Most exciting milestones…you went on your first camping trip to Gooseberry Falls! You crawl like crazy and love to bear crawl to go faster. You sit and play with toys. You are starting to stand without holding onto anything for a few seconds at a time. You’re learning to go down backward from things too and are great at climbing (even the ladder when Ryan is working on trim). You have 5 teeth. 3 on top and 2 on the bottom.

Arrow seems to like…eating everything, standing, climbing, cars, being held, and being included.

Dislikes seem to include…not being able to reach what he wants, toys being taken from him, too much touching, and not being allowed down the stairs or out the doors especially if someone else is going out.

Sleep looks like…getting up usually once in the night to eat but then back to sleep. Usually up around 4-5 to eat and then then waking up around 7-8. Still rocking a morning nap around 9/10ish and an afternoon one around 1ish. Occasionally one more around 3/4ish too. Still rolling with all our summer schedules!

He’s eating…all the things! He tries just about everything. He eats whatever we are eating. He’s still eating about every 4ish hours during the day. Still takes him about 10-15 minutes to eat.

At the last doctors appointment…he weighed 18 lb 13.5oz and was 29.25 inches long. His head circumference was 46cm.