Arrow 6 & 7 Months

Checking in again with another update. Arrow is 7 months and spring might be coming someday. With snow on the ground, who knows when the weather will stay warmer. We have enjoyed the warmer days though and have gotten out when we can!

What we have learned…you still love your thumb, you’re big enough for the Nuna and this has been our easiest transition to it, you’re on the move, and thankfully you’re spit up game has slowed.

What we are enjoying…having you sit in the high chair for dinner, watching you explore, getting you to smile or laugh, reading books to you, and being with you!

We are struggling with…mess, noise, trying to get the house finished, and cold weather. t

Most exciting milestones…you’re on the move! You can rotate and are starting to army crawl. You have two teeth and you’re trying new foods. You got to go on an airplane and go to Phoenix! You did awesome on the plane and on all of our hikes. The gloo was great for sleep too!

Arrow seems to like…eating, chewing his toes, being held, having us talk to him, when we come home and say hi to him, being on his tummy, plank, and trying to move everywhere.

Dislikes seem to include…getting stuck when he’s rolling and moving, too much touching, and not being able to get to his thumb. 

Sleep looks like…getting up usually once in the night to eat but then back to sleep. Usually up around 2/3 and then again 5:30/6:30 and then usually go asked up around 7:30ish or later if we don’t have anywhere to go. Still rocking a morning nap around 9/10ish and an afternoon one around 1ish. Usually one more around 3/4ish too. Still rolling with all our punches and schedules.

He’s eating…milk! He started trying food too! He’s tried green beans, corn, peppers, raspberries, Noand lots of other little bites of whatever we are eating. Baby led weaning for the win! He’s still eating about every 3-4 hours during the day. Still takes him about 10-15 minutes to eat. 

At the last doctors appointment…he weighed 16 lb 4.5oz and was 27.5 inches long. His head circumference was 17.25 inches which is in the 49th percentile. So, like 16th percentile for weight and 68th for height. All looked good and we are so grateful.

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