Arrow at 4 & 5 Months

Another two months have flown by with our little man! I am still in awe that I have 3 little boys and one little girl at home. The noise level and destruction level feels appropriate though for this many kids.

What we have learned…despite our efforts you still prefer your thumb to a pacifier, ditching the swaddle is never fun but you’re still a good sleeper even if I am not a routine following mommy, you love to roll and thankfully your spit up is a bit less. You still spit up a lot but maybe not every time you roll. Your drool though has increased. No teeth in sight.

What we are enjoying…having you sit in our laps, more head control, your laugh especially when getting a new diaper, having you listen to books, watching you explore new toys and seeing what you want to grab, and mainly just having you here with us.

We are struggling with…all the noise, the mess, and winter. I’m really in need of some sunshine and warmer weather. Oh and this postpartum hair loss could stop anytime and that would help.

Most exciting milestones…you’re in the I’m going to roll to my tummy ASAP when you’re set on the floor stage! You also are getting more head control and starting to hold onto us when we hold you. Plus, you’ve got the cute grab your toes and bring them to your mouth milestone down pat.

Arrow seems to like…being held, having us talk to him, when we come home and say hi to him, being on his tummy, trying to chew on everything, his kick n play, and listening to music for naps.

Dislikes seem to include…getting stuck on his tummy, his arm being stuck, being left alone for too long, if he goes down for a nap when he is overtired, and too much touching.

Sleep looks like…getting up once or twice to eat in the night and then back to sleep! usually he goes to bed around 8ish and then either eats one more time before we go to bed. Up sometime around 3ish or 5ish and then up for the day around 7:30ish. A morning nap around 9/10ish and an afternoon one around 1ish. Usually one more around 3/4ish too. Lots of flexibility with school pick up and drop off and just general life.

He’s eating…milk! I haven’t really tried bottles either. But still eating about every 3-4 hours except more like 5-8 hours at night. Still takes him about 10-15 minutes to eat.

At the last doctors appointment…he finally had another one! He weighed 14 lb 7oz and was 25.5 inches long. His head circumference was more in the 70th percentile too. So, like 25ish percentile for weight and 60ish for height. All looked good and we are so grateful.

Working out with mommy
So loved by his siblings. They all love holding him.
Sleeping with daddy

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