Friday Favorites

Friday is here! I’m ready for the weekend and a new week. This has been a hard, disappointing week in many ways. Instead of going there, I’m taking a few minutes to share some fun favorites.

1. Books and Baby Snuggles

I’m reading a really interesting book and it’s been so good to sneak in some baby snuggles. Having had three other newborns, I know just how fast it all goes! I’m all about soaking up the moments with my sweet boy. I love the baby stage (most of the time!).

2. Dreaming of Travel

Even though we had to cancel some travel plans, I have been dreaming of places to go and adventures to be had. The kids especially have loved following the YouTube videos (LiveSutton) of a family who is hiking the Appalachian Trail (the mom was in Africa with me way back when).

3. Lego Creations

The kids have been making all sorts of fun things out of legos and duplos. I love seeing what they come up with and how they build differently than I would do my own. We all really are so unique.

4. Good friends

In the midst of the hard stuff, I am so thankful for some good friends who pray, listen & understand, and love me even on the hard days!

5. Desert Nachos

Nothing beats some late night desert with my husband after a hard, confusing day. He even loves going out at night to pick it up when I’d rather be tucked in a blanket.

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