January Recap

Wow. One month is already passed and here we are heading into another. My google photos keeps popping up all sorts of memories from years past and I love it. Though, it is so odd looking back on a year ago to see what we were doing and how we had no idea what all would be coming. Such big changes in the world. Never would I have imagined masks and school closures and for it all to still be going on today to some extent. Yet, I am so glad I set my intention as staying grounded in God’s truth regardless of shifting circumstances.

I’m still holding onto my word from last year while moving forward with “create.”

January started off with my desire to “create” some new rhythms and goals. Ryan and I jumped into doing The Little Way by Revelation Wellness and reading Sparkling Gems 2 by Rick Renner. We tried to wake up at 6:00 am and do these before he went to work but that did not end up being the best. We both ended up tired and struggling. We kept going and did what we could when we could. The kids even joined in for some workouts and kept us on our toes. We have some ideas for February to try out!

I also finished my first Sally’s Baking Challenge of the year! I’m planning to participate each month to have something fun, different, and out of my norm. January’s challenge was making a Stromboli. I definitely needed the practice when it came to rolling it up but even with the poor rolling job it tasted delicious.

I stretched my baking skills by making a delicious Coconut Cream pie that I brought to our prayer and praise celebration at church. I almost wished people didn’t eat it so I could have had leftovers!

For podcasts and books, I had a really good month! I listened to Havilah Cunnington’s series on boundaries, Crystal Paine’s series about motherhood, and snuck in one from Alisa Keaton and her daughter. I listened to some in a WhatsApp group I’m a part of too. For books, I read The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner, The Room on Rue Amelie by Kristin Harmel, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany, and The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins.

In other family happenings, Canon got stitches on his lip/in his mouth from getting knocked down by his brother at a friend’s house, Arrow turned 4 months and is rolling up a storm, Asher went skiing for the first time, we built some train tracks, and survived another month of winter.

Lastly, I continued writing in a Bible for Melea and am working my way through Jeremiah currently. I picked up making a gratitude list last year back in May and am still doing the practice—I’m in the 700s. Also, in that journal, I’ve been keeping notes for myself about what God is speaking to me from His Word.

Now, we are onto February! Here are some of my intentions for the month:

4+ podcasts

2+ books

Daily Bible reading, gratitude list, and Bible notes

Bibles before Bed with kids—pretty much what it says! Reading their pick of a Bible before putting them to bed.

Sparkling Gems 2 with Ryan

RevWellTV Advanced Workout Calendar—I’m switching things up and following their calendar this month instead of picking what I want.

Paint the kitchen! The walls are primed and ready for paint. We just need to make time to do it.

Sally’s Baking Challenge—I haven’t fully decided but I think I am going to do her alternative of raspberry cheesecake bars since I’ve made chocolate soufflés before. Either way, I will do something that qualifies for the challenge!

A few other things that are being held loosely but may happen this month include: intentional goal planning/year in review with Ryan, Phoenix trip or trip somewhere, and other house projects

There you have it! A January recap and a look toward February.

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