Friday Favorites

I thought it might be fun to pop on here to share some of my favorites from lately.

1. My ice cream maker! Ryan got me an ice cream maker for my birthday so we have been having fun trying all sorts of flavors. The only downside is that the ice cream gets eaten fast! We’ve tried Mint, vanilla, maple, maple cookies, and mint with Trader Joe’s JoJos. Next up is a pistachio!

2. Time with my sweet Canon. With Melea and Asher back at school, I have been loving the one on one time while Arrow naps. I love getting to build trains, play duplos, and generally have fun with him. He’s at such a fun age and is so sweet.

3. Board games as a family! We have added some new games and Asher is at a great age to play. Melea is content to play some and play with pieces happily if it’s not her turn. We’ve been playing Catan Jr., Risk, Stratego, Pandemic, and a few others. We also did a puzzle recently which was quite the challenge with a two year old around. I definitely redid a fish border at least three times.

4. Library books. We are such big fans of books and I love it! I recently got a haul of cookbooks and got two historical fiction. I’ll report back when I finish them (maybe!) but I started with the Jane Austen Society one! So far, I’m liking it! The kids have been diving into pirate books, lots of history books, and princess ones too.

5. The Little Way from Revelation Wellness and Sparkling Gems from the Greek 2! I convinced Ryan to commit to working out with me and reading a Sparkling Gem each day. This has been so good even if I’m a bit resistant to do it at 6:00 a.m. I still like my sleep and prefer staying up!