Arrow 3 Months

I’m back to check in again and as always the month went fast and slow all at once! I am glad to keep up with these for each of the kiddos and am amazed to think about how I used to blog regularly. I’d love to say I’ll jump back into it but I’m not sure that is right in this season. Either way, I want the monthly updates for each so here I am.

I’m so glad we have you baby boy!

What we have learned…your spit up game is still going strong even if it’s lessened, you found your thumbs even with our attempts to keep them away from your mouth, how to install vinyl wood planking, how to deal with another quarantine, how to live without a table during the flooring update, and how to keep on loving four kids.

What we are enjoying…being done with the flooring! All of your smiles, noises, and the way you “talk” to us. I love seeing how excited you are when you see us and how easy you are to get to sleep.

We are struggling with…still dealing with spit up and you are still prone to gagging/swallowing air. You’ve gotten a few more bonks from your brother and you are voicing your opinion more for some space from your sister.

Most exciting milestones…still loving all the smiles and we even love when we can get you to start laughing! We have noticed you’re starting to try to grab things and getting better eye contact.

Arrow seems to like…being held facing out, being swaddled some, sucking on his thumb and hand, kicking, listening to music, head shoulders knees & toes, making eye contact, and getting a new diaper.

Dislikes seem to include…getting hit, being smothered, and being in the car seat too long.

Sleep looks like…getting up 1-2 times in the night to eat and going right back to bed thankfully! He’s still got a strong nap game and will get a little fussy to let you know. Usually, we can swaddle him, put on music, and set him in the bassinet. He’s usually gets a good 2-4 naps. He probably goes to bed around 6-7ish and then is up around 7:30ish.

He’s eating…milk! And usually every 3-4 hours for about 10 minutes—just long enough for Canon to get into something.

At the last doctors appointment…we haven’t had one yet but he’s still in size 1 diapers and size 3 month clothes.