Happy Tuesday (I started this Monday but got sidetracked by kids so finishing this morning!)!

I’m up early and jumping on to write a bit before getting the day started. Allison Fallon sends out a Monday Motivation e-mail and here is the prompt from it…

Think of the last time you felt passionate about something. Where did you feel passion in your body? If you had to give the feeling a color, what color would it be? 

Before I got married, I had the privilege to go on a few trips with my graduate school program. I spent two weeks in Greece soaking up the island life and living in close community with my classmates. I remember sharing with them about my time in South Africa and how much I loved my time there.

While I was in Greece, I got notified that I was accepted to take one of my classes in Rwanda. Needless to say, I was thrilled! This was not how I anticipated going back to Africa but I was excited to see what God would have for me in that part of the continent.

Fast forward a few months with a whirlwind of a fall and I jumped on a plane to Rwanda. I did not know what my heart would feel or all the details of the trip but I was expectant. We listened to the stories of the people, spent time with the kids, and learned a lot. We walked the dusty roads and dealt with mosquitos.

I posted photos of my time there and one of my friends from Greece commented about how much my face showed my passion and joy at being there.

God truly gave me a gift in seeing that part of Africa and letting me get to know the people just a bit. Part of the gift in seeing Rwanda and the other countries I visited that year was showing me that my heart for South Africa was not just because it was the only place I’d been overseas. Since that year, I’ve been so thankful to have been back twice.

Looking at photos from the visits, I’m struck by how passion for me is felt through my eyes when I smile. And if I had to pick a color…I’d say yellow! Bright, happy, full of hope and love. Or maybe green and how it’s full of life!

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