Five Minute Friday: Success

I’m back here again ready to spend a few minutes writing. Hope you enjoy and are having a fun Friday!


I recently listened to the Carey Nieuwhoff podcast with JD Greear and Todd Wilson (#287 on the podcast). While they were talking about church multiplication and leaving a legacy, one of them shared a moment with the Lord that has stuck with me. If you have a chance go listen because there is depth in hearing tone and emotion but in short I’ll give you the general idea.

One of the guys was praying about their church and wanting to see their church really impact the city even to the point of ending up in history books. He felt like God came back and asked him what if it’s not your church–do you still have such a heart for these people that you want to see that?

The story hit my heart and resonated with me. There is so much “success” in the Kingdom that we may be a part of but we may not be given credit. Our prayers may bring change that we never see in our lifetime.

Jesus has such a way of taking what we think would be success and showing us a different way. He shows up going lower and clothed in humility. He did not seek to become the king or to bring out weapons.

May my version of success become more about time with the Father and obedience. May my eyes be opened to seeing what God is doing in circumstances. Not my will but Your will be done.


I missed the 5 Minute Friday from last week and I have a bit of time so I wanted to jump onboard now especially since I kept thinking about the prompt today.


My son, I’m so proud of you. I “dragged” you on a hike today and some of the hills were pretty big for your little legs. I saw you run down hills and continue to work your way back up. You would run ahead of me and then lag behind walking to your own beat. You picked me some “flowers” that were kind of weeds but your smile meant the world. At the end, I told you we could leave them for the deer to eat so we didn’t have to bring them in the car. You agreed we could do that but probably would have been thrilled to have brought them home too.

I see your starts and stops. You are asking questions about this world. You are trying on phrases you’ve heard others use and often you don’t fully know the context. You’re learning so much. You are learning to pray and learning about who God is. You have strong feelings sometimes about not wanting to walk another step. You tell me you don’t ever want to walk this path again. Yet, we reset and exchange the words for some truth and encouragement. I’m sure you’ll tire of hearing me say, “All things are possible with God” or “Nothing is impossible with God” or “Have you asked God for the key?”

You are strong and you can keep trying. Even when the challenge feels insurmountable, I pray that you know you have a God on your side who is cheering you on and with you in whatever challenge may come.

BIO Girls

This summer I helped with a program called BIO Girls. We met for 12 weeks and built relationships with girls around 2nd grade to 5th grade. Each week, we had some fun activities, a lesson, and a workout. The big goal at the end was to run a 5k race together. Now, there were definitely ups and downs within the weeks as well as pros/cons with the program but mostly I loved being with the girls. I loved getting a chance to know them a little bit better and to really cheer them on each week! Yesterday, we ran our race and even though the weather was super rainy that morning we were still able to run! The girls did so well and crushed their goals. Every girl finished the race and accomplished so much.

I personally don’t have a PR for my 5k to take home but I had the privilege and honor to run alongside someone who does have one! Being in the role of mentor and coach may not get you on the podium but it sure makes for an even more valuable, worthwhile, and memorable experience!

4 years

Grief has a funny way of being very present and still changing with time. I don’t always know how to navigate these waters and am figuring it out as we go. Sometimes I want a manual to tell me what’s coming but then I doubt we would fit the mold.

We made a cake again this year to celebrate. We’ve all grown this past year (especially Canon! He was so little last year). I find myself still trying to find the words to talk about my kids. I get kind of stubborn and start adding “at home” to things. Like I have three kids at home and how Canon is the third at home. I’m sure most people don’t notice but for me it helps acknowledge I have another sweet baby who is with Jesus (an even better home) without having to constantly go through the explanation of how we lost a baby.

So, sweet Enoch, I remember you so often and miss you. While I wish you were home with us, I’m grateful for the hope we have in heaven. You are loved. Still.


Happy Tuesday (I started this Monday but got sidetracked by kids so finishing this morning!)!

I’m up early and jumping on to write a bit before getting the day started. Allison Fallon sends out a Monday Motivation e-mail and here is the prompt from it…

Think of the last time you felt passionate about something. Where did you feel passion in your body? If you had to give the feeling a color, what color would it be? 

Before I got married, I had the privilege to go on a few trips with my graduate school program. I spent two weeks in Greece soaking up the island life and living in close community with my classmates. I remember sharing with them about my time in South Africa and how much I loved my time there.

While I was in Greece, I got notified that I was accepted to take one of my classes in Rwanda. Needless to say, I was thrilled! This was not how I anticipated going back to Africa but I was excited to see what God would have for me in that part of the continent.

Fast forward a few months with a whirlwind of a fall and I jumped on a plane to Rwanda. I did not know what my heart would feel or all the details of the trip but I was expectant. We listened to the stories of the people, spent time with the kids, and learned a lot. We walked the dusty roads and dealt with mosquitos.

I posted photos of my time there and one of my friends from Greece commented about how much my face showed my passion and joy at being there.

God truly gave me a gift in seeing that part of Africa and letting me get to know the people just a bit. Part of the gift in seeing Rwanda and the other countries I visited that year was showing me that my heart for South Africa was not just because it was the only place I’d been overseas. Since that year, I’ve been so thankful to have been back twice.

Looking at photos from the visits, I’m struck by how passion for me is felt through my eyes when I smile. And if I had to pick a color…I’d say yellow! Bright, happy, full of hope and love. Or maybe green and how it’s full of life!

Five Minute Friday: START

We made it to Friday again! This week has been both slow going and fast all at once. My littlest has his birthday tomorrow so we are looking forward to celebrating him! Otherwise, hoping for some nice weather on Sunday to keep working on finishing our outside projects. Before all that time to jump into today’s 5 minute writing prompt…


I couldn’t fall back asleep so I decided to start my day. I can tell fall and winter are starting to come because the sun hasn’t come up yet and my house has a bit of chill this morning from the rain yesterday. Normally, I sleep until one of my kids wakes me up and they’re ready to go so this quiet start feels a little lonely and a little like a gift.

My morning list has been running through my head but I’m choosing to start today with rest. God is calling me to be with him in a restful way. There are days I start off with study or journaling or declarations but today He is saying just come be with agenda, no rush. I gave you some extra time so you can have a slow start. It’s okay to be. It’s okay to start where you are. It’s okay to start slow. There’s no gold star for busyness when God is calling you to listen and be with Him.


You can join the fun here (

Inspiration Peak

We hiked up Inspiration Peak a few weeks back and I love the picture we got at the top. There’s so much going on in and behind the scenes.

Asher was excited to be at the top and was talking to everyone up there. He could have kept talking through the picture but got his I’m going to try to smile look on his face. The sun was super bright. Melea was still waking up since she had fallen asleep in the car on our way there. She did not want to be in the picture and aptly covered her face. Canon was along for the ride and handling the sun decently well considering. Ryan and I were somewhere between smiling and laughing at our attempts to get a photo looking into the sun with our crew.

Lots of imperfect, not posed, real life going on here. But we made it. We made it to the top together and didn’t give up when the path got rough or little legs weren’t sure they wanted to keep going. We brought lots of snacks to share when we reached the top. We made time for it when we could have been working on our umpteenth house project. And we have a picture to go with it.


Starting my day off with a little bit of gratitude.

  1. Plants starting to bloom
  2. Fevers leaving
  3. The privilege to pray and draw near to God
  4. A fun workout challenge
  5. Working cars
  6. A warm but not too warm house
  7. Books to read
  8. A dishwasher
  9. Quiet morning
  10. Time to write

What’s on your list today?

Monday Motivation

Every Monday, Allison Fallon ( sends out a prompt.

Here’s today’s writing prompt: What is one task or action step that you’ve been putting off because you’re anxious about it? Write about the anxiety. Write for 5-40 min.

I want perfect decisions and to know the right steps. I can see consequences and benefits from all sorts of different angles. I can weigh and ponder what would be the “best” but I also know there are unknowns that I do not yet see. A decision might lead to some greater benefits than I imagined or it might bring up some really hard things.

I keep coming back to making the best decision I possibly can with the information I have and trusting God with it all. I want to extend myself grace for the unknowns and even the not so great decisions. Instead of getting stuck in “if only,” I can decide to keep trying and moving forward.

God is still at work even when I can’t see it. He’s not so small that I can derail His plans.

Job 42:2 “I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

Proverbs 21:30There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD.

Anxiety, you have no place here. I will not be anxious for anything but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving I will present my requests to God (Philippians 4:6).

Five Minute Friday: Testimony

Another Friday has come! Here goes writing for 5 minutes…


As I’m here in a hotel with kids bouncing around, I am reminded of all the little moments in my own testimony that accompany my story of walking with Jesus. The thing about testimonies is that they keep growing. God keeps showing up.

I could share about some of the mountain highs with God and about the times where He met me in the valley. I can rattle off the big and small details. The mundane and the defining moments.

Tonight, I’m bringing to mind a prophetic word given to us shortly after we got married (my mind is on all things wedding because my son is a ring bearer tomorrow!).

This word added another stone of remembrance to my pile of my own love story. The part of the word that so encouraged my heart when we got it was that he shared about how all those around us would see that God brought us together so much so that their mouths would be shut and there’d be no question that God’s hand was working in us together. I have the words written away in a journal but I remember being excited to see just what God would have us do together.


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