My kids are playing happily today and I found myself flipping through pictures from our last trip to South Africa. I intentionally tried to be present during this trip last year and not on my phone so I didn’t end up with tons of my own photos so I’m extra grateful for the ones that others took!

I have loved being pregnant (sure I could do without morning sickness but otherwise) and honestly have felt super happy in my body most of the time while pregnant. I was about 17 weeks pregnant in this picture and was enjoying little flutters. Plus, we were in Africa..could life get much better?

We were working hard at pulling weeds and getting roots out. All sorts of yard work that my own yard needs. (Realistically I should be out weeding or mowing or something now…or maybe finishing laundry or mopping)

But instead I’m here looking back for a moment and remembering all that God did on the trip. And how my littlest guy even got to tag along. Here’s to more pictures of happy moments along the way. They sure outweigh the harder moments.

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