9 Months

Somehow you’ve totally turned into a kid and I’m wondering where my baby went! I love watching you grow and see who you are! You are loved, sweet boy.

What we have learned…how to crawl, pull to standing, pull toys out of bins, and generally be awesome.

What we are enjoying…warm weather! Walks outside and lots of playing.

What are struggles…still could use some help figuring out how to get all the things done we want to get done!

Most exciting milestones…crawling, pulling to standing, and an awesome laugh. He’s up to 4 teeth. Two on top and two on bottom.

What Canon seems to like…crawling and standing! Finding toys, chewing, and when Asher tries to jump rope with the stuffed animal snake. He loves to try to go out on the deck or in the garage.

Dislikes seem to be…fingers in cupboards, falling down, if Melea tried to hug him a bit too hard, and being set down if he’s tired.

What sleep looks like…he loosely naps around 9 and again around 1 or 2 and then usually sneaks in another before going to bed about 8-9. He’s up around 8 still but occasionally 7:30 or 8:30. He’s up about twice a night.

He’s eating…milk and whatever we are eating. Still nurses maybe every 3ish hours.

Who we have seen…same people!

At the last doctors appointment…he’s wearing size 3 diapers and is edging out of 9 month clothes and can fit both 12 or 18 month clothes. The 18 month onesies fit but not pants. 12 month pants fit but a little long. We’ve mostly switched sizes because of needing summer clothes and this is what we have saved from Asher. Not sure about weight and height–appointment next week!