Sweet Girl

Hey sweet girl,

I was rocking you to sleep and listening to King of My Heart and No Longer Slaves. I wanted to write a note to me and to you to help remember this moment. You fell asleep so fast and were so peaceful. I stayed until the end of the first song before laying you in the Nuna. I was brought back to when I heard about having a daughter. I always saw myself as a fun mom to all boys. I love little boys and all the rough and tumble. A girl was not on my radar!  Though, there we were at a special service and Kevin Leal was up there telling me about how I would have a daughter. A daughter who would teach me and change me. We got pregnant a few months later and I did not think I’d be having a girl…I was right since Asher came first. Then came Enoch. I didn’t know when you would come along but I am so glad you came when you did. My heart needed the healing and joy that you bring. This whole being a mom to a girl thing is pretty awesome and I’m so glad you’re mine.

*found in my drafts and finally posting


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