11 months

Wow! How can this be the last update before my little girl is a 1 year old! I am so excited to celebrate her soon for her first birthday and her golden birthday! December is the best!

Our last month has been a little bit more focused at home and could be dubbed fence month! We did a lot of work on the fence and it will be so nice when we finally have all the gates hung!

What we have learned…how to clap, climb chairs, how to put up a fence, that we can have a kid in a carrier and another running around while we get more work done on the fence, and that fences take a lot of hours to do. About an hour a post for our type.

What we are enjoying…books! I did a lot of reading this month. Visiting friends. The last few nice days.

What are struggles…sleep, needing to do vision work, finding time to finish all the work, and sleep.

Most exciting milestones…standing, more walking, 6 teeth total, clapping, pointing, and checking out snow again.

What Melea seems to like…clapping, smiling, pointing, food, being held, Boaz, being wherever Asher is, books, holding and carrying toys (she loves to go find a baby at church), exploring, climbing the kitchen chairs, climbing stairs, paper, opening cupboards, and music.

Dislikes seem to be…getting in the car seat, diaper changes, being set down, sitting down in the high chair (she likes to crawl out and is too skinny for the strap to keep her in), when people don’t give her food, and when Asher shuts the door to his room.

What sleep looks like…she still gives us a good morning and evening nap. Bedtime is still around 8:30-9:30 and she still loves to wake up and eat a few times a night. She wakes up maybe 8ish.

She’s eating…all sorts! Seems to like most fruit, yogurt, veggies, apples, and Mac n cheese. She’s a bit pickier and will spit more food out.

Who we have seen…usual people in town and then went down to the cities for a wedding reception and saw the Charucs too.

At the last doctors appointment…no appointments until December! Got rid of her rash finally. She’s into 9 month clothes and 12 month. More hair too! Size 3 diapers.


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