I picked this book to read because the title and tag line intrigued me. With the rise of social media, I feel myself at times clamoring to be seen and noticed. Plus, being a mostly stay at home mom often means I do a lot that is not seen or applauded. The desire for affirmation and blessing from others can be a good thing when it is overflow from being grounded in God’s view of ourselves. When I start hustling for my worth then I’m in trouble and on shaky ground. All of that to say that I thought this book would be timely for me in this season.

I haven’t read Sara’s other book but I have heard of it and it was on my to read list. After reading this one I am curious to read her first book. Unseen included a variety of personal stories and biblical accounts. The personal stories were my favorite. I loved seeing a glimpse into her life and experiences. She is a mother of six and shared candidly about adoption as well as infertility. She also shared about the years when she was in ministry and a tendency to put work for God above relationship with Him.

The book took a while for me to get into and I sometimes got bogged down in the writing style. The personal stories kept me going and the later chapters resonated more with me. This was not a step by step formula type book which I appreciated but rather a here’s what worked for me. She shared about God orchestrating events to help her come back to the foundational act of spending time with God. From practicing sabbath to letting others take the stage to simply setting aside time to be with God, Sara explored the idea of being hidden.

I would recommend this book for those who like more detailed almost poetic style writing and want to read personal stories mixed with the Bible. The book might resonate with you if you have a tendency to hustle for affirmation from others and want to get back to basics.

Disclosure: I received this book for free but all opinions are my own.


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