Books about hearing God’s voice have always intrigued me and I am usually a little skeptical about them. Oftentimes, it seems people want a tried and true formula that will work every time. I admit that sounds awesome and easy.  Though, that type of relationship sounds a bit manipulative and not really a relationship. All of this to say that I recently picked up Mark Batterson’s book called Whisper to review. 

I haven’t read a book by Batterson for a while but remembered liking previous books by him. His style of writing is easy to read and he crams a ton of stories into the book. I could tell that he had done his research and wanted to include real life facts. 

I found the tidbits he included about hearing and science to be fascinating. The stories also reinforced his points. I felt he mostly used historical stories with the combination of biblical accounts. This was an interesting mix to me since sometimes Christian books only use biblical text. I appreciated the mix. 

The book expounds on the different ways we can hear from God and the ways He has been known to speak to His people. I love that Batterson brought the book to conclusion by reminding us that God is love and that He is speaking love to us. 

I really enjoyed this book and found myself sharing the different stories to others. Even though I didn’t read a new way to hear from God, I did gain a deeper appreciation for how we hear and the science that God created. I would recommend this book if you like historical stories and interesting facts to go along with reading about God!
Disclosure: I received this book for free but all opinions are my own! 


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