9 Months and 10 Months

Here I thought maybe I would get this up close to 9 months and I’m still a bit late (ha I wrote this close but now we added in month 10 too). The last month or so have been jam packed of fun though! 

We headed out to Rapid City and Rocky Mountain National Park with friends! We followed that by a long weekend in Pensacola for my brother’s wedding. Sadly, we missed the Duathlon this year. My cousin got married at the end of September. Our fence finally came! (We are currently working on putting it in this week!). 

In September, we also ran our half marathon (and met our goal time!) with friends in Grand Forks. We celebrated Enoch on the 19th. June came and spoke at church about Ignite. Asher started preschool at Butterfly Hill! 

Needless to say, we have been busy with fun things! 

What we have learned…back to back vacations were fun but we were ready for home.  Melea is a great traveler as well! Schedule Sabbath days! 

What we are enjoying…end of summer fun, nice days, running, being outside, trips, laughing a lot, and being together. 

What are struggles…little miss still needs to work on her sleeping habits at night and we need to figure out what’s causing diaper rash (switching diapers seems to have helped some. Who knew a kid would be sensitive to Honest company diapers?! I’m a bit sad to say good-bye to all the cute little prints!). 

Most exciting milestones…standing, a few kinda steps, two top teeth, first time in the Gulf, and first airplane rides! 

What Melea seems to like…finding where Asher is playing, being held by mommy, chewing, touching Boaz, reading books, being in the bath (she comes fast whenever she hears the water start!), and music! 

Dislikes seem to be…being set down or when people leave the room, diaper changes (so squirmy!!), being put in the car seat–thankfully she does okay once she’s in it!

What sleep looks like…she gives us a good morning and evening nap and sometimes another one. Bedtime is still around 8:30-9:30 and she still loves to wake up and eat a few times a night. She wakes up earlier than Asher still but still sleeps until like 8ish. 

She’s eating…anything and everything! Though, we’ve been trying to see if the diaper rash is related to any foods. We still love baby led weaning! 

Who we have seen…lots of relatives! Jack and Emily’s wedding brought everyone who could come. Then my cousin’s wedding had more people too. Plus, we got to see the Paradees for our vacation and race. So thankful for good friends! We got to see Carrie, Micah, and Isaiah too before picking up June who we also saw! 

At the last doctors appointment…she’s still doing great! Still hanging around 8-10% and about 16 pounds. She’s around the 60% for height. Wearing a few 6 month but really more into 9 month clothing. Still in size 3 diapers. Getting some more hair too. 


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