5 Minute Bible 100 Stories & 100 Songs

I’m continuing to expand my collection of children’s storybooks and this one fit right onto my shelf!

I love when the storybooks include some of the lesser known stories and passages. They chose to include the beatitudes, the wise man built his house, throwing the first stone, parable of the pearl, Naaman, Samson, Balaam, and many more. I appreciate this approach so that I can pull from the whole Bible rather than only get stuck on stories like David and Goliath. 

The songs included are great for preschoolers as are the length of the content. Each story also includes a summary/main point and an action point for the kids. For example, I will pray when I need help. This helps put the Bible into action in a tangible way. 

The stories show Bible references and are summarized into shorter sentences geared toward kids. Some are a little simplistic for my taste and are not the easiest to read but I appreciate they give the general idea. There is also only one picture per story.  They are okay pictures–kid friendly but not the best compared to other storybooks. 

The big draw for this one to me is that it includes lesser known stories. This book will be used in conjunction with others! 

Disclosure: I received this for free and all opinions are my own! 


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