NIV Kids’ Visual Study Bible

Since I work in Children’s ministry, I have quite the collection of bibles and story bibles geared toward kids. I recently received the NIV Kids’ Visual Study Bible. 

I feel this is a great one to have on the shelf because of the extra additions. I love that this study bible incorporates so many extras–700 plus pictures, infographics, maps!  Though, be aware that most are not big.  They are more on the side of pages rather than taking up the whole page. I imagine this helped keep the Bible from getting too big.  The Bible is bigger than a normal one in size but not massive.  Still easy to carry around. The main part of the pages is the biblical text. This, to me, this still mainly functions as a Bible with extras. 

I love the heart behind showing what the temple looked like, what the coins were like, the land, and so much more. These visuals help bring to life the text. 

If you are looking for a Bible with lots of big pictures, I would not suggest this one. If you want something to help your child dig a little and see some smaller pictures with the focus still being on reading the Bible then this might be a good fit. For me, this would not be a must buy but would be a fun gift and a nice resource to use among other resources!
Disclosure: I received this for free from Booklook but all opinions are my own.


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