Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast pops up on my must listen to list so I jumped at the chance to read Chazown. I love his practical and biblical wisdom. His style is great in my opinion for those looking for clear next steps and a way to apply what you learn. 
The book does an excellent job at guiding people through a process of discovering God’s purposes for you in life. Chapters included a “You’re the Author” section which was helpful to have a spot to do the “work” of answering questions and digging deeper. I made a point of doing each of these to help me get the most out of the book. Some people may not find them helpful. These would also be great for group discussion and would be a fun book to do in a group!  
Groeschel has us looking at our core values, spiritual gifts, and past experiences to help us find our purpose. He also brings it back to prayin and seeking God. I appreciated the biblical foundation. 
I would suggest this this book for someone who is looking for personal vision and who does well working through questions!  
Disclosure: I got this book for free! All opinions are my own and I am very grateful for the book! 


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