3 years Old! 

My little man celebrated his 3rd birthday last week!  He seems so old yet I’m sure I’ll keep saying that every year. 

I have loved hearing him talk more over the last year and seeing more of his personality. He is not afraid to ask for what he wants (or just go for it) and he has a great laugh. He will often call us out when we are joking and make jokes himself. 

He still loves food!  Some foods he will eat readily or ask for include: pizza, ice cream, chocolate, juice, blueberries, avocado, red pepper, raisins/dried cranberries, mints, cookie butter shut (aka folded in half), chopped salad, cottage cheese, and yogurt!

He is often found playing with cars, riding his bike or any ride on toy, asking to go to the park, wanting a golf cart ride, and wanting to be outside!

He could probably use a nap but stays up way late if he does!  So instead we opt for a 7:30-8:30 bedtime and he will sleep in until about 8ish. His red pillow is a big time favorite. Snuggling is also up there too. 

Music is another constant…from playing drums to playing his guitars to giving Melea the tambourines to play. He also knows a lot of worship songs and will sing them too!  Break Every Chain, O Come to the Altar, Do it Again, Joy is Coming, Sweet Caroline, Great Are You Lord, and lots more! 

I’ve loved watching him be a big brother to Melea as well! He brings her toys, asks to hold her, checks on her (maybe a little too often), includes her, and generally loves her (most of the time!). 

We had fun celebrating with him and I am so thankful for all the time we’ve gotten with him! We celebrated with pancakes for one side of the family and pizza with the other. A wet boat ride and a special meal out!


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