What I Learned in June

Jumping on the bandwagon and sharing what I learned this month!

1. Schedule time in my calendar to talk about things farther in advance. I have this habit of wanting to make decisions but not always making them far enough in advance! 

2. Homeownership is awesome and a lot of work. I love having a place to make our own and that we all have a bedroom! We sacrificed and saved for a long time to get to this point. We lived in a one bedroom apartment for 4 and a half years. I’m grateful for all the lessons and memories we had there AND I’m thrilled to have my own bedroom now!  Though, now that we are the ones responsible for everything there is a big learning curve. Though, I love the story of our house and the history it carries. The previous owners lived here for 42 years and that is golden to me. 

3. Just start. I keep coming back to this lesson and it’s one I carry with me. Just start the dishes, start the course, start unpacking, start making a choice… I am prone to waiting to analyze all the information and that’s great sometimes but I also need to just start to get momentum going. 

4. I (still) would jump at the chance to move overseas. 

5. Almond butter from Trader Joe’s is pretty fantastic. 

Well, June has been a crazy ride and I am so ready for a new month with new goals! I’m working on those after reviewing this month’s goals today and tomorrow.


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