Friday Five

Popping in on a Friday to share five things! 

1. Laughter is always a good response! Asher came to see me after work and then decided to climb onto the hood of the car. He is constantly making everyone laugh and loves using silly voices too. I’m grateful for this (sometimes) outgoing, fun kid who gets me out of my introverted, serious side. 

2. Having two kids at home is just the best!  I love seeing them interact and love each other. Sure, there are squabbles and lots of help needed in learning to take turns, but most of the time they bring out the best of everyone. 

3. Romans! I’ve been loving going through Dallas Theological Seminary’s free class on Romans. I am a learner through and through so this is a perfect addition to my schedule right now. I love the challenge and the insights. Only problem is that it makes me want to take more classes! 

4. Moving is exhausting. Most things have found a place but then there’s all the little things that I don’t know where to put yet. Plus, moving with an almost three year old adds to having stuff all over!

5. We have a yard and garden area full of all sorts of plants that I have NO clue what to do with or how to care for…fitting that I just got Lara Casey’s book Cultivate. Maybe it’ll help motivate me to dig into the dirt. 


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