5/6 Month Update

Here we are checking in late for our 5/6 month update! We have had quite the last few months so I’m not surprised I’m late writing this. We moved out at the end of April and headed to grandma’s house. We were so thankful to have a place to stay while we waited to close on our house!  Speaking of houses, we actually close tomorrow.  The last six weeks have been a story in of themselves. I’m feeling thankful to have a next step and sad too. Mostly though, I’m focusing on trusting that God sees the bigger picture and has good things coming. 

Anyway. Back to my update about Melea!  She’s grown up so much the last few months and we love her so much!

What we have learned…our little lady does not like being left out now. She’s noticing more and caring if Asher goes off to play somewhere else. We also have learned to be flexible while living at grandma’s and to take advantage of the extra hands around!

What we are enjoying…being outside! She seems to love sitting, “playing” with toys, putting things in her mouth, and her brother. 

What are struggles are…that everyone doesn’t have their own room! We have made it work but will be thrilled to have bedrooms! 

Most exciting milestones…sitting up, eating food, and moving all around. She’s not traditional crawling yet but she can scoot backward, plank, get up on hands and knees, and you’ll find her in different spots. 

What we are looking forward to…our new house! Asher’s birthday too! 

What Melea seems to like…sitting, moving, chewing, smiling, exploring, Asher, and having us pay attention. 

Dislikes seem to be…being alone too long, over tired or hungry, and not being able to reach the toy she wants.

What sleep looks like…she takes 2-3 good naps a day and wakes up a couple of times at night. Bedtime is usually around 8ish and usually gets woken up by Asher around 7:30-8ish. He loves to see her in the morning. She’s still a great sleeper and still falls asleep easily in the carrier. She’s still in the rock n play and buckled in…we will probably transition her to the Nuna at the new house. 

She’s eating…avocado! I got the cutest little video of her trying some. She’s also tried banana, cantaloupe, roasted pepper, roasted asparagus, roasted onion, yogurt, a little cheese, and I think that’s it…we are doing a mostly baby led weaning style again which I love and works for us!  She’s totally got the idea of picking up and eating food down. She’s working on her skills and is mostly having fun exploring food. I plan to continue to do this and skip any “baby food”/purées. Though, we aren’t so strict that we won’t occasionally pick up a piece and help her. 

Who we have seen…we had my cousin’s wedding so we saw all of the Roses and Tom and Laura were there too. We also went to Duluth to see those people. Melea got to meet Carrie, Isaiah, and Micah finally too!  

At the last doctors appointment…she’s still our perfectly petite lady!  She’s in 6 month and some 9 month clothes. Wearing size 3 diapers since target didn’t have size 2 but they work.  We haven’t done cloth while at grandma’s house.  


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