Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible

I love seeing unique takes on storybook Bibles and this one caught my eye. The artist Omar Aranda really captures the stories in a unique way compared to some other storybook Bibles I have seen. The pictures were more along the lines of what I have seen in the Action Bible. I appreciate more lifelike pictures than cartoons for older children. 

The concept behind this book is that great stories happened once upon a time and how the Bible is not a fairy tale. Personally, I am undecided on this phrasing. The idea makes sense but I could also see more of an emphasis on how the Bible is real. I did appreciate that this setup could appeal to little girls who like the idea of “once upon a time.”  The pictures went well with the fairy tale type setup too. 

Also, each story included Bible verses and a “happily ever after” Bible take-home point. The stories like most storybook Bibles are shortened and they missed many parts of the Bible which is expected. Like others, I see this as a fun addition to reading the Bible and using it in conjunction with other storybook Bibles. 

I would suggest this one if you want something with great pictures and plan to talk about how the Bible is real. 

Disclosure: I received this book for free (thanks Booklook!) but all opinions are my own.


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