Another Bible! 

I love reviewing Bibles and have quite the collection on my shelf now!  I was excited to receive the Women’s Study Bible in NKJV. I personally enjoy reading NKJV some of the time. I prefer the Amplified Version most often but like to have variety as well. 

I was drawn to this one because of the look on the outside and was pleasantly surprised that the cover was a nice texture as well!  The cover is a sturdy almost fabric like feel. They did an excellent job making this Bible look and feel nice!  By looks alone, this is one of my favorite Bibles!

Beyond looks, I wish they had changed some of the extra study note portions. The boxes are not as clearly defined from the Biblical text. A darker text box or outline would have helped.  At times, this is just a minor annoyance when trying to read the text. The additions and study portions are interesting themselves though. I like having extra insight into sections of scripture even if I don’t use them often. Some are, of course, geared toward women while others are more general information. There are also quotes on certain pages. 

All in all, I love the look and feel of this Bible the most! This would be a great Bible for someone who likes pretty Bibles in NKJV and does not mind having extra information around the text. 

Disclosure: I am so thankful to have gotten this one for free and am glad to share my personal opinions about it! 


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