Things I’m Loving

I figured I could pop in and share some things I’m loving lately on this sunny Friday!  The week has been rainy so the fact that it looks sunny outside has me excited for the day! Plus, Fridays always carry extra excitement. 

1. I found some adorable Baby Bling Bows for my sweet girl! I had been eyeing them online and I love supporting small town stores so this was a win-win. Plus, grandma was with us and was super kind to buy them. I am excited to see if I like them as much as everyone raves about them! Either way, she’s pretty cute in them. Here’s one of them:

2. If you come to my house, you’ll find an entire shelf dedicated to all my Bibles. Well right now you’ll find them in a box since we are moving and our bookshelves are empty. Details 😂  Yesterday, though, I was SO excited to open up a review package and find this gorgeous Bible. I’ll write a review on it soon once I’ve had a chance to check it out more but I am in love with the feel and look of it!

3. A clean house!  We spent time cleaning on Wednesday and Thuraday in prep for a house showing. This meant clearing out a lot of boxes we had filled too which felt great!  We are slowly getting all of our stuff out. I love coming back to a clean house even if I know we will play hard and get toys out within minutes. The contrast still feels great. Plus, how cute is Asher’s little guitar on his bed?

4. Browsing Target! I’ve been dreaming of all the fun things we can do in our new house and I have a few empty canvases to paint so I’ve been on the lookout for fun quotes. I love that this one talks about growth. I recently finished The Happiness Project and in her definition of happiness she includes growth. There really is something happy about continuing to change and grow!

5. Lastly, I’ve loved being able to do fun things with people this week! Music class, lunch with grandma where Asher and I shared my favorite vanilla milkshake, dessert and shopping with friends from Sri Lanka, a morning meeting on declaring and decreeing, and reading books in bed with my husband.

And now the weekend is almost here! 

What have you been loving?


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