Do What You Can

This last weekend was full! We kicked it off with a Passover Seder meal on Thursday.  We had our Good Friday service and lots of prep for our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  The Egg Hunt went great and we were able to use the Resurrection Eggs before the hunt. I love the anticipation and involvement of the crowd. The kids seem to love taking turns opening each egg to see what part of the story is next.  

We ended with lots of family time on Sunday after church. Not to mention we snuck in some packing time as well. We move in less than two weeks! Then we are off to live with Grandma and Grandpa for a bit before we close on a house in June! 

While it’s been easy to become overwhelmed with the mess and with all of the tasks on our list, I keep reminding myself to do what I can. Pick up what I can. Pack what I can. Prep what I can. Play when I can. Talk to those I can. Give what I can. A little bit goes farther than I think. 

In reflecting on this weekend, I am reminded that Jesus did what He came to do. He what He could for us and those small steps of obedience to the Father resulted in exponential blessing and favor for us today.  The veil was torn and we were granted access to the Father. I am so thankful He did not turn back. I am thankful for the example to follow of simple obedience no matter what comes my way. 

And now it’s back to Monday and just like the disciples kept going after Jesus had risen, we get to do the same. 

And I can’t forget to include a few pictures from our weekend!

We didn’t have a basket for Asher for the egg hunt so he got a makeshift one from one of the rooms, he enjoyed laying on the floor for church since it was a family service without Nursery options, and next year we will take a family picture right away in the morning while everyone is in theory in a good mood! I’m learning to keep loving all the funny things that make this life imperfect. 


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